Zalon  /  22 Oct 2010, 17:58
Warming up for QHLAN Part II
Since QHLAN 14 is just 2 weeks away, we feel that it's time for another 1 day tournament, however this time we will be giving away 2 free QHLAN tickets!

On Sunday, the 24th and the QHLAN/Hazards crew will organize a 2on2 tournament for players wishing to attend QHLAN.

To participate in this 1 day tournament, all that is required is that you are able to attend QHLAN 14, hopefully you are already signed up!

Tourney is on! - Follow on QTV

Read on for more info + Demos from the previous event

QHLAN 14 | Tournament
Tournament info
Date: Sun, 24th of Oct
Time: 16:00 CEST (check-in 30 mins earlier)
Gametype: 2on2
Tourney mode: Minimum 8 teams, Single-Elimination, bo3
Mappool: dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3
IRC: #QuakeWorld

Signing up
Signups will be open up until 1 hour before tournament start.
All players should be on #QuakeWorld on QuakeNET IRC, 30 minutes before tournament start.

If you already have a user on the site, just edit your profile and set Teammate/Country.

2 QHLAN 14 Ticket for the winners (Worth 600sek)

Go Sign up now!

Demos from Duel4Tickets
Grand Final - Milton vs Rikoll
LB Round 6 - Rikoll vs ParadokS
LB Round 5 - Xterm vs ParadokS
LB Round 4 - Xterm vs Ihminen
WB Final - Rikoll vs Milton

- Commentary by Jehar & Phil included

Earlier rounds - Demos without commentary
2010-10-22, 18:01
players who previous won are not allowed to play again cuz they can't get another free ticket? :E
2010-10-22, 18:01
Oh yeah... Milton can't participate - Sorry
2010-10-22, 19:07
Iih,didn't realize its so soon! Recognised the dates now that I saw em but guess I assumed end of November, hothot! Let the hype begin!!!
2010-10-23, 11:52
Hate to be a criticist, but wasn't it more fair if there was a chance for the lesser gods to win such a ticket? The best will win, who will also snatch away those prices at qhlan itself
2010-10-23, 15:52
What would be the discipline then? /cmd rnd?
2010-10-23, 16:02
$ $
2010-10-23, 16:15
Blix, it's 'critic' or criticize In a way I do agree though, would be more fun it it was something creative or unusual, but then again when it comes to Milton, there really isn't an area in qw where he isn't among the topdogs (outside of dmm4).

At least in 2on2 it could me like that random tournament we had some years back. That was quite fun Random teams for each round that is
2010-10-23, 19:52
Niomic: tell that to [fs] criticist

JohnNy_cz: you could ask people to participate in the 2-2 tourney and give the tickets away in a raffle among the participants using /cmd rnd yes
2010-10-24, 13:05
how about playing 2on2 on some totally kenia maps?
2010-10-24, 13:50
2010-10-24, 22:24
actually, i love the idea with 1on1 and 2on2 tournaments with free tickets as prize, but a /cmd rnd would be awesome too , like a lottery for the ones who have no chance of winning any tournament but still wants to come to qhlan depends of course on how many tickets there are to give away!

gz rikoll and vallaaaa
2010-10-25, 08:07
From the news posts earlier, it said a total of 4 tickets would be given out in different tourneys. It is one more weekend left before QHLAN, and unless theres another duel tournament for it, my best guess would be a FFA event for the last ticket next saturday or sunday. Maybe a /cmd rnd for all the participants in that FFA could be something? I'm personally more for the idea of giving the ticket to the winner of that, though.
2010-10-25, 10:48
A difficult choice! I would have signed up if it would have been random teams, however, the quality of the matches would have been signinficant lower So al in all a better decision to have the best teams playing eachother.
2010-10-25, 12:11
How about an old classic death32c marathon to 1000 frags?
2010-10-25, 12:17
Guys playing a LOT of QW should be rewarded for it, enough said.
2010-10-25, 12:23
who won anyway?
2010-10-25, 18:19
who won and where're the demos?!
2010-10-26, 05:50
Check the website for results? :p
2010-10-26, 06:27
some of the games has not been reported.... (the finals)!
2010-10-26, 06:36
That would rock
2010-10-26, 11:36
#19, Blame ParadokS
2010-10-26, 16:54
2010-10-27, 13:59
So i am guessing para did not win or?
2010-10-27, 15:20
2010-10-30, 07:03
"How about an old classic death32c marathon to 1000 frags?"
That sounds like a fun thingie. We need one of those on the LAN to!
2010-11-02, 18:48
no 4th ticket game?
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