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JohnNy_cz  /  17 Oct 2010, 21:50
ezQuake towards open source
In the last few days ezQuake made a step towards open source. The main source code repository was migrated to The ezQuake team would like to encourage everyone interested to consider contributing to ezQuake. What benefits does the migration bring?
First of all, working on larger changes is now much easier for external developers who are not part of the stable ezQuake developer team. Github allows anyone to create a public branch (fork) of ezQuake's code and submit changes to it. (Note: this does not mean all your coding, like experimental changes, must be public.) This allows for much better cooperation with the ezQuake team:

+ You don't need ezQuake's team permission to commit code changes to your own branch. Your fork is yours. You can do whatever you want in there.
+ You don't need to send us patches via e-mail anymore. You just publish your changes in your own public forked repository.
+ You have a solid place to discuss your changes with anyone. Your changes are public and anyone can submit comments even on every single changed line (!)
+ You can submit a "pull request" to ezQuake and if the team likes your changes, they can easily merge them from your repository into the main ezQuake source code repository instantly.
+ You get all the standard benefits git gives you, like ability to work offline, fast branching, stashing, and so on.

In recent years a couple of developers contacted the ezQuake team with their ideas for larger improvements in the source code. Often the single central code repository didn't offer as many possibilities for cooperation as would be useful in given moment. The ezQuake team hopes the concept of "Social coding" of will change this.

ezQuake @ github
2010-10-18, 08:40
YES! someone please code more advance stats!
2010-10-18, 08:51
More advanced stats? You mean like in OSP?
2010-10-18, 09:45
Arent stats affiliated to KTX, not EZQ? I mean, shouldn't KTX be amended, not EZQ, in order to obtain more thorough stats? (I even sent a request on KTX forum for that)
2010-10-18, 10:38
What kind of advanced stats would that be ddk?
2010-10-18, 13:58
What I meant with my OSP question was a hud item that would capture the KTX stats and allow you to switch between players and team stats.

The Q3 scoreboards
OSP, CPMA, QL (ESR's wet dream)
2010-10-18, 20:03
way to go EzQuake team, thanks for all your effort.
2010-10-19, 06:21
Yes, Zalon, right now I would really like if all the stats were available in a log file at least if console spam is a consideration. Seeing how many lg's were killed/dropped/cells fired, same with boomstick etc etc...
2010-10-19, 11:49
/match_auto_logconsole 2 ?
2010-10-19, 12:34
We're working on that stats stuff right now, in integration with site. We're hoping we can get something similar like there's the thing in EQL match results, but in an automated way.
You must realize the client can't do much when the server does not provide relevant data. Besides parsing the log, we can also parse the MVD, and we already do that (mvd_status 1, mvd_dumpstats), but that's about it.
2010-10-19, 20:00
Bit misleading title?
2010-10-19, 22:28
Hmm, from my (very new, therefore maybe naive) perspective github is the place where open source really happens. Sourceforge is sure nice, but collaboration is better done on github, and collaboration is an important part in open source, at least for me.
2010-10-21, 11:46
I think he misunderstood the concept of open source for the fact that the code is "open source"
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