Ake Vader  /  5 Oct 2010, 11:07
Milton winner of first QH ticket!
Congratulations to Milton for winning the first in a series of Duel4Tickets tournaments.

In the winner's bracket final he beat the Norwegian Rikoll in what seemed like a fairly tight series of maps only to go on and shift up another gear in the grand final against the very same opponent. sure looks forward to see the Milton magic at QHLAN!
2010-10-05, 11:09
Need longer headlines

Congrats once again!
2010-10-05, 11:10
Any live-witnesses there btw? What did the shaft look like? 24/7 prac sharp or summertime-slak?
2010-10-05, 12:29
ggs, the link is for the WB final though not the grand final .
2010-10-05, 12:34
Oops, thanks for noticing. Fixed.
2010-10-05, 14:10
It was pretty sloppy at times, but overall high quality skills from all participants (even hungoverbps whatever that means )

Where's the demo pack? Slap it on ESR if nowhere else...
2010-10-07, 13:47
VODs here:

It's just split in two parts, so you don't get each game individually. It starts off with Milton vs Rikoll WB-final, go on to Xterm vs Paradoks in the semi-final, then ParadokS vs Rikoll in the LB-final, and Rikoll vs Milton in the Grand Final.

The grand finals on aero and ztn was actually much tighter than I remembered it to be, and with some minor adjustment by my part they could have gone either way. That cheered me up :-). Of course at one stage in the game you have to make a push for it if you're under and might lose with a lot more than you could otherwise, but better to gamble a big loss with a small chance to win than safe in a 100% loss. The dm6 was "hard-rape Bulat style" though
2010-10-07, 14:40
I guess milton had analyzed his game and practiced much more 1on1 than Rikoll here "trollface"

Milton sure is a talented qw player
2010-10-07, 15:25
Thanks Rikoll. I think if people can't be arsed anymore to upload demos, then at least they could mention on what server the matches were played so we can find the particular demos ourselves.
2010-10-07, 16:00
#7: There is no doubt that Milton have played far more 1on1 than me totally. In the last two years, however, I have played far more than him. Routine is not talent, it is something you gain from playing much. Good routine is what you get from playing much and analyze your games.

What a day it would be if I actually thought one of Hoorays posts anywhere would have a point what-so-ever :-)
2010-10-07, 16:34
part 2 link gives an error...
2010-10-07, 20:32
My posts have a point. The point is not missing just because you are of a different opinion.
2010-10-07, 22:12
"What a day it would be if I actually thought one of Hoorays posts anywhere would have a point what-so-ever :-)" if I actually though...

And the point is missing. Cause Milton have played this game more than me. Troll fail
2010-10-08, 06:22
The point is that there is still both practice and talent in the mix. Something you quite religiously debates against. (must have something to believe in to explain why you lose right?)

Also its so easy to get you started everytime so thats fun as well!
2010-10-08, 06:37
I "believe" Milton played better and more solid than me. That is all. Should I roll over to one side and blame luck / miltons talent / whatever? No, I'm gonna figure out why I lost so I can increase my chance of beating him if he signs up for the QHLAN 1on1. I was just cheerful to look back at the games and notice the difference was less than I originally thought. #11 was also clearly a pointless post, since I wrote " if I actually thought.." in the previous post you commented on. #13 had admittedly a point, though. I am easy to get started ;-)
2010-10-08, 06:48
Ok, it will be interesting @ QHLAN for sure. With your dedication and level of play you will most likely be amongst the top4 at the very least. Perhaps Ill see you there!
2010-10-11, 21:31
Go Rikoll!
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