Zalon  /  30 Sep 2010, 17:27
Warming up for QHLAN
QHLAN is just a month away, and as a warmup to this (hopefully) great event, and the QHLAN/Hazards crew will be giving away 4 free tickets!

This Saturday, everyone is invited to participate in a 1 day duel tournament, where you got a chance of winning 1 free ticket for QHLAN 14.

To participate in this 1 day duel tournament, all that is required is that you are able to attend QHLAN 14, hopefully you are already signed up!

Read on for more info

Tournament is live! - Follow on QuakeTV

QHLAN 14 | Tournament
Tournament info
Date: Sat, 2nd of Oct
Time: 15:00 CEST (check-in 30 mins earlier)
Gametype: Duel
Tourney mode: Minimum 16 players, Double-Elimination, bo3
Mappool: dm2, dm4, dm6, aerowalk, ztndm3
IRC: #QuakeWorld

Signing up
Signups will be open up until 1 hour before tournament start.
All players should be on #QuakeWorld on QuakeNET IRC, 30 minutes before tournament start.

1 QHLAN 14 Ticket for the winner (Worth 300sek)

Go Sign up now!
2010-09-30, 17:29
We need atleast 16 people for the tournament on Saturday
2010-09-30, 17:52
great idea!
2010-09-30, 17:56
Nice idea
2010-09-30, 18:08
nice initiative! too sad I can't participate this saturday, I'm gonna supa ner mig
2010-09-30, 18:17
Awesome! Might be a little long with double elimination though, if a lot of people show up

Ping rules?! Drama?!
2010-09-30, 21:52
Double elimination sounds long yes, but milt will take it home
2010-10-01, 02:15
damnit, will probably not be home =( great idea!
2010-10-01, 06:16
Haha, this is pretty awesome.
2010-10-01, 08:23
Awesome? Yes.

Sign up!
2010-10-01, 11:44
I like the fact it says "series of tournaments". so that you have a 2nd chance
Especially with milron joining 8(
2010-10-01, 13:24
Nice idea, hopefully build up some publicity and attract good players.
Rumour has it there may be live commentary for the grand final...
2010-10-01, 20:11
Why not a sunday insteed of a saturday when almost everyone is out with friends?
Would really like to play, but hey.. its saturday.
2010-10-01, 21:19
Its still at a time when you could get it finished and still see your friends later on. It all boils down to priorities ofc. Sunday is eql day :S
2010-10-02, 10:03
Oh shit, didn't realize you need to sign up before hand. Somehow I read it like you only need to show up half an hour before the start.

Hope we'll get at least 16, cmon!
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