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ShowDown 1v1: Sign-ups Opened
Yesterday a new duel tournament was founded by Abdiel. To introduce him and the tournament, we bring you a short interview and further info about the tournament.
Many of our readers are surely wondering who you are. How long do you play QuakeWorld? Have you followed any of QWDL or Ownage tournaments?
Well, I am originally a NetQuake player, and I just started QuakeWorld like 3 monthes ago. I used to follow the Ownage and QWDL tournaments and watch demos, yes.
I used to host some tourneys in NetQuake, like 1v1 and 4v4.

Why do you run this new tournament? Who should sign-up to your tournament?
Oh, I'm running this tourney since I found out that the other 1v1 tourneys like 0wnage and QWDL might not run this season.
The tournament is open to all nations.

Any preferred player skill?
Oh, well they should be familiar with TB5- DM2, DM4, DM6, Aerowalk, and ZTNDM3. So tier 3 to tier 0 I'd say.

How much time (days) will there be to play one round in Winners' and Losers' brackets?
There will be one week per round, starting on the September 30th. So they can play the matches until the end of the week for each round.

Who is going to help you with the tournament? There are rumours that some of the people from the Ownage crew would like to run a duel tournament too. Is there some chance they could help you with this tournament?
Yes, sure. The same php system is being used - "phptourney". So they could probably help since they might be familiar with it.

So at the moment you are the only official admin, is that correct?
Yes, but the match reporting and and so on are all automatic, so players can just login to submit results, and admins can handle disputes.

Yes, I guess that's how they did it in every Ownage anyway. On the other hand there's always the job of finding out which player should have the right to get a walkover, maybe the worst and toughest job in admining a tourney. Do you think you'll have enough time for that?
Yeah. They will be able to email the admin on the admins list. If their scheduled opponent doesn't contact them by the deadline.

Web: ShowDown - 1v1 QuakeWorld Tournament
IRC: #showdown.qw (or Webchat)
Sign-ups: Sign-up list
Sign-up: Register and Sign-up
Sign-ups deadline: September 30th (Thursday)
2010-09-23, 15:02
Great news and a great initative Abdiel! What about games with Europeans vs Americans? Where will they be played? As always I will stand no chance of the glorious title, but sure will be fun to participate anyway
2010-09-23, 15:08
Great initative! However, it doesn't change the fact that a new ownage should get rolling as well :-)
2010-09-23, 15:09
For EU vs American games, they'll likely be played on a EU server, but the EU player can ping up if requested by the American.
2010-09-23, 15:31
Some UK servers would be nice then /hint!
2010-09-23, 15:36
i will win this easily
2010-09-23, 16:38
"Yeah. They will be able to email the admin on the admins list. If their scheduled opponent doesn't contact them by the deadline."

You can be lucky if even one contact you
2010-09-23, 18:06
Bring back snafu!
2010-09-23, 20:57
Yes, more UK servers please What is up with Geeky? Seems to be going up and down :S
2010-09-23, 23:19
The last (brief) time Geeky was up it seemed to have packet loss problems :/ Normally I'd agree with n0rty coming back but Be/O2's routing to entanet goes UK to NL then back to UK for some reason
2010-09-24, 07:43
Is there any possibility of some UK servers? Maybe you, or someone else know any server admin gore? Think it's a shame that a country like UK with a substancial amount of qw players don't even have their own server
2010-09-24, 08:47
Call the Queen, she should be able to put up a phat one @ Buckingham Palace!
2010-09-24, 14:22
lol Hooraytio Well I might be able to get a server @ with a friend's help but it's not 100% certain. A server would be very nice indeed but is probably less likely We'll see. I'm guessing most people would ping good to

Feel free to try and email geeky admin to get them back up but last time I did there was no reply

Maybe we shouldn't discuss this on the comments for an upcoming duel tourney
2010-09-24, 19:25
"Yeah. They will be able to email the admin on the admins list. If their scheduled opponent doesn't contact them by the deadline."

Firstly, it doesn't work. Check it out.

Secondly, that is tournament suicide. If that is how previous tourney admins had conducted things, their tournaments would have been 50% walkovers and 50% walkover whine. I would guess that Abdiel is not used to running large-scale tournaments like the qw community demands. They are certainly not a one-man job, and those who try to do it alone usually end up jaded and bitter husks of men (Hi, qw admins! )

Another point is the outdated rule system. Fakeshaft is disallowed. The client section appears to be from 2 or 3 years ago at least. Fallbunny is disallowed. I'll spare you my opinion on dm2 still being present, since that isn't necessarily a flaw unique to this tournament. Also, the ping rules are as vague and useless as always in these tournaments, especially since they specify nothing about international games, and admin comments about international games have only served to muddy the situation.

These issues need to be addressed before the tournament can be a success, and I need to find something else to do while my connection is being temperamental besides whining on qw forums.
2010-09-25, 00:09
---Added FakeShaft , FallBunny, and cl_delaypacket to even out pings in rules section.
Thanks for the inputs.
2010-09-25, 00:12
"Firstly, it doesn't work. Check it out.
Once a player registers and logs in, and clicks "Admins" and clicks on the username,
the email address wil show up.
2010-09-25, 04:39
Antilag is also a new feature which requires specific ruling or it will be the source of many problems with the minority(?) who reject its use. Perhaps something like "Antilag is to be used unless both players agree otherwise"?
2010-09-25, 04:42
Oh, I see you already made a ruling on antilag, but it is a rule that will require you to make 50 personal judgements every weekend. The best rules are ones which don't require overseeing.
2010-09-25, 07:19
Well maybe we will rewrite it if it really needs to be written again. I doubt it will.
2010-09-25, 07:20
Gg, wrong page, shouldn't surf with eql and qwnu pages up at the same time ;DDD
2010-09-25, 07:33
I have almost never needed to contact an admin about a game. Yes, I have gotten a few WOs at times, but since they opponent has been away or whatever, it was not like it came as a suprise to him. I just can't see how admins would need to be involved that much? Don't most people just want to play their games instead of whining on admins etc?
2010-09-25, 20:52
#16 Stev | 25 Sep 2010 @ 07:39 "Antilag is also a new feature which requires specific ruling or it will be the source of many problems with the minority(?) who reject its use. Perhaps something like "Antilag is to be used unless both players agree otherwise"?"

***Added this to the rules, thanks
2010-09-25, 21:46
#20: How did the admins know which of the two players was / was not away?
2010-09-26, 00:18
if niether players contacts an admin by the end of the round's deadline, it will be considered a w/o for both
2010-09-26, 08:16
Actually the antilag rule you added and the one suggested by Stev are completely different.

Also I've hard time understanding the server rules. If cl_delay_packet should always be used, what is the part about showing your lowest ping on a server required for?
2010-09-26, 23:43
**Fixed to ""Antilag is to be used unless both players agree otherwise"
2010-09-27, 07:58
Hahaha... Razor seriously, you are always able to make me laugh with your comments.
2010-09-27, 08:06
On topic though: no offense, but I find it a bit weird that some relative 'newcomer' (or NetQuake player?) with no knowledge about running such a tourney (or QW) organizes such a thing. Don't get me wrong, I think a duel tourney is a good initiative, but Ownage ran for a number of successful seasons and might be starting as well...
2010-09-27, 08:07
Razor is a funny guy :-) Keep up the good work, Abdiel!
2010-09-27, 08:11

Sure it is a bit weird, but clearly a great initiative, yeah? Lets see how it turns out. Even though there is somewhat few players signed up so far, very many of those are really strong players. I also think Abdiel is doing a great job taking feedback from the players. He should clearly get some admins along to help him with seeding and sorting matches, though.
2010-09-27, 10:34
Great initiative Abdiel !! Hopefuly, you won't become discouraged over time (some problems wiil occur) and revive the NA QW scene somehow
2010-09-27, 12:51
Yes,t he owner of 0wnage is also helping to seed the players and setting up the tournament system.

If anyone would like to volunteer admining (they confirm matches submitted by the players on the website) can email .
2010-09-30, 10:23
2010-09-30, 10:25
i hope some german players will follow me!!!!!!!!!!!
2010-09-30, 10:35
Yeah, would be cool. Wheres spoink gone hiding?
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