zappater  /  24 Aug 2010, 21:04
TDM madness starts in September
European Quake League is back with new tournaments and a ladder. Season 12 of the revered tournament will start in September with sign ups opening 1st September and closing the 20th. EQLadder will also make a return during this team, so you can get that extra excitement out of praccing.

After season 12 ends EQL: Pro will start, a small league where the best of the best can battle it out for honor and glory while giving us less skilled some great matches to spectate every Sunday. Also don't forget about QHLan, 4-7th November, the only QW lan in the world which looks set to be amazing this time.

Press read more to find out all the details of what this autumn has in store for QW.
Itsinen wrote:
Itís time for some Quakeworld again!

As you probably noticed, there has been several new things that will come this fall. EQL will start earlier and there is an addition to the tournaments, EQLro which will be played for the first time. Also QHLAN has a new date and all tournaments are quite well prepared with dates ready several months before the actual events.

Itís time to start a new season and the kenya maps will be a big discussion again. Will it be TB3 + 2 kenyas or will there be several kenyas (more like the ladderstyle)? You can go and make a difference here.. The signups will open according to the schedule 1st september and close the 20th. The sites will keep you updated if there are some changes about the dates.

Will have a new season which will be played on the side of EQL12, so in other words, instead of just praccing beside the EQL12 games we suggest that you signup for the upcoming ladder season and play ladder games instead. Dates will be updated by Hooraytio later.

Top 4 teams from EQL12 will get an invitation, the rest will have to play for the last 4 spots! The tournament will start right after EQL12 and will have an strict schedule with 2 games on 2 Sundays as an regular season, then there will be playoffs. The idea is to really recruit the best players on the scene to the teams and get them to battle together. So either you get to play in this tournament because you are skilled enough or you donít have enough skill (go prac!).

The place where every Quaker should be! This time 4-7th November! Already 68 QW signups and it has the potential to be THE biggest QHLAN in the several years! Go signup right away and no excuses are accepted!

So go polish your rocket launchers, itís time to frag again!

Yours Itsinen!
2010-08-24, 21:39
Great that we finally get some news about the new season! I think the EQL ladder is going to be a good addition. Always more fun if it's a tourney game, than just a prac. EQLro can be fun, just hope we will get all the good team to participate!

Let's start the fragging!
2010-08-24, 21:55
ladder was a cool idea, maybe give it a try for duel and/or 2on2 too ;p
2010-08-24, 22:41
I really hope this will be a good season, but I won't have a a computer (except for my laptop) available all September... I wanna play a lot this time. :S

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2010-08-25, 06:44
Dont worry zapp, there will be enough games left for you in october too since signups close on sept 20th.

The ladder had a test run during the summer and even if we didnt see a whole lot of games I think it proved it was good and fun enough to stick around for a season during this fall
2010-08-25, 08:16
Great news! Let's rock again!
2010-08-25, 17:31
Any news on the Ladder playoffs?
2010-08-25, 18:20
Finally! Been idling to much lately, played poker n sc2 alot, but now its time to do a Rikoll (grind qw uninteruptedly)
2010-08-25, 18:58
If the current top teams in the ladder are active i could very well see some sort of playoffs. Are he top4 active? Looking at top8 you have clans with only 2 and 4 games played...
2010-08-25, 18:59
Otherwise i would see the summer ladder as a test run and try to get it more active during the next season this fall.
2010-08-26, 13:39
*brings down rocket launcher from shelf*
2010-08-26, 14:20
thank god..

i hate the mixes in quake world
i take the map back on my own
i stock up on all the armours
but then at quad i'm all alone

whenever the pents about to spawn
kingpins always doin' his thing at the ring
why do these fuckers never save a pack
i play the rest of the game without a stack
finally i catch a break, a rocket launcher i do take
as soon as i get to the yellow, i get raped by a blue fellow
my teammates never use any binds, how am i to know what i'm about to find
delaying the mix that's just what you do
be the last to ready i wonder who..
2010-08-26, 15:24
And that pretty much sums up the 4on4 mixes in a rather catchy way!
2010-08-26, 16:50
ddk ftw
2010-08-26, 19:24
2010-08-27, 09:18
looool ddk
2010-08-27, 10:47
agree with #2! the ladder started out really good in the beginning of the summer but sort of died out a little, at least for us in uTiT either way, a ladder for DUEL would be amazing and probably played all the time, would be so damn fun

2010-08-27, 10:48
hahaha btw ddk, just read your post, ROFL
2010-08-27, 11:30
#16 yeah im hoping more clans will sign up and play in the 4on4 ladder now that the fall is here and players start coming back. See it as a way to play official pracs!
2010-08-27, 11:58
I like that idea of a ladder that can be a replacement of pracs. Simply a funnier way to prac! And preferably with demos saved for the games.
2010-09-01, 10:05
What about the signups? we have September
2010-09-01, 12:12
Ye september has been going on for almost 14 hours! wtf is going oN!!@!#
2010-09-01, 13:05
If there is no technical problems it will be up during the evening/night.
2010-09-01, 14:14
Haha, go majq
2010-09-01, 18:57
2010-09-01, 20:38
Yeah sorry about that, my pc died on me friday, didn't get it up until today :/

But atleast the signups are now open.
2010-09-01, 23:44
way2go \o/
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