JohnNy_cz  /  24 Jul 2010, 00:54
QuakeWorld Demos DVD Collection
Have you ever thought of creating a DVD collection of lots of QuakeWorld demos? Or have you ever considered supporting some QuakeWorld project via donations? Now you can do both at the same time.

DonKing offers a shipment of DVD(s) with all QuakeWorld demos from the Challenge-tv site in exchange for a donation to his site. All QuakeWorld demos on DVD can be created and shipped to you for just $25.
More info @ CHTV
2010-07-25, 18:36
He took phil's advice, I see.
2010-07-27, 20:12
people, support the man!
2010-07-28, 06:35
I will, but of course only the QW demos. No way I'm paying to watch Q2/Q3/CPMa :-D
2010-07-28, 18:30
hmpf. dk never seemed to care much about the non ch-tv part of the challenge network, going as far as deleting content and whole sites even while people were still updating them. and now the complaint is that the only part of the site is the demos which were the purpose in the first place?
2010-08-06, 15:15
Never the less, I got this in the mail today
2010-08-08, 00:54
Well... somebody should notify the guy to just do the game ppl like
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