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New EQL Tournaments
The EQL team have recently announced some information about upcoming tournaments they are running. Information has been provided on:

EQLadder, a ladder tournament running throughout the summer.

EQR12, the 12th season of EQL which will start on 20th September.

EQL: Pro, an elite tournament to be played upon conclusion of EQL12.
I would advise you to keep checking the EQL site regularly for updates, but at the time writing the structure of these tournaments appears to be as follows:

A nice throwback to the early days of Ad Mortem and NQR2, this should hopefully motivate some clans to keep playing throughout the summer. Currently the map pool is dm3, dm2, e1m2, cmt1b, cmt3, cmt4, schloss, grim, e1m5, e1m6, e2m2, e2m7, e3m1, e3m2, e3m3, e3m6, e3m7. This is a pretty large selection of maps and it will be interesting to see whether any clans choose to specialise on a 'strange' map as we have seen in the past from the likes of jams (e2m7), redux (e3m6), SSC (e3m7) and koff (e1m6). With the decider always being played on a tb3 map, one would expect that the top clans should still brush aside weaker opposition even in such cases.

The top 8 clans from the regular season will enter best-of-5 playoffs.
Running dates have yet to be confirmed other than that the final should be played during the first week of EQL12.

Not much information is available at present, other than that signups open on September 1st with the season getting underway on the 20th.

This will be a tournament involving the top4 from EQL12 and an additional 2-4 clans, playing to a strict Sunday schedule. This is quite an ambitious move from the admins as previous attempts to dictate schedules to clans in European competitions (such as Smackdown) have rarely succeeded, although it worked well for now defunct national tournaments like the UKCL some 10 years ago.

Other points of note include the fact that ringing appears to be actively encouraged, the idea being that clans can signup any additional players they like from other clans not participating in order to ensure that activity is high. It will be interesting to see whether many clans take up such an opportunity and what the impact is on the 'real' clan of those players.
2010-05-27, 08:25
2010-05-27, 08:42
Hot!! e3m7! Love it :-D Also the return of cmt3&4 is nice. I miss e1m3 however :-(
2010-05-27, 09:08
Well, we will listen to suggestions regarding maps for a short while before we fire it up.
2010-05-27, 10:06
Enraged, cmt5b, some of the plpak maps seem good (I'll take a look to refresh my memory later). Maybe an experimental version of bay12 can be fixed up before the season starts. Does anyone know where to contact plupp?
2010-05-27, 10:09
What about that map Anni made? I was thinking about that since there were some mixing going on on that one as well.
2010-05-27, 10:34
make it qwq3dm14 only! very good map!
2010-05-27, 11:08
Anni's map is a good one, we played a couple games there, scores was always close, add that map pls as well. Its name is q1anni-beta2.
2010-05-27, 11:49
Maybe you should actually take a look at that one before considering it. It's pretty rough around the edges.
2010-05-27, 12:43
Most maps are "rough around the edges" Stev. Besides perhaps you just need to play it more and you wont think it is? . Kenya super defense strategy: Play it more and you will like it!

Jokes aside, i didnt say we would just add any maps. I said we will listen to suggestions and perhaps add a few more after careful consideration.
2010-05-27, 13:40
Yes, well, let's just say I was being diplomatic.
2010-05-27, 13:59
Stev: plupp can be found in #bay12 (a map with its own channel!) or #suddendeath
We could easily adjust bay12 to fit any league needs if there's any interest.
2010-05-27, 14:18
Try to do some more 4on4 playtests then bps, to get some more input.
2010-05-27, 15:54
I idle in #bay12 every day.
2010-05-27, 22:07
Some comments about EQLro.. There shouldn't occur faking since who and what would they gain from it? They are the top players playing the best, so who would win? And signing up the "needed players" should fix those other issues. Most of the div0-1 players gamestyles are also too know to make it possible. But anyways, this should encourage to atleast create some temporary "superclans". Also playerissues should be quite easily able to be fixed, since most people know if they can play on the upcoming weeks sunday or not. And if there is nothing to argue about the schedules, then you just field the best lineup you have or lose, simple as that

Actually also hope the topclans would recruit even lineup "C" just in case. This could inspire some players to prac more to atleast first get in to the clans rosters. Hopefully they prac more after that and try to get to play in the roster to following season. But anyways, this will be THE league to win.
2010-05-27, 22:09
Well guess I should add that the playerlimit on the "normal EQL" will stay the same while EQLro allows more players
2010-05-28, 06:10
2010-05-28, 06:49
"EQL Elite" plz
2010-05-28, 06:49
S to the motherfucking mileys
2010-05-28, 08:50
Just don't write colonP
2010-05-28, 09:26
Always good with a random smiley in the leaguename
2010-05-28, 09:36
I think colonP is a pretty cool guy. eh interrupts sentences and doesnt afraid of anything
2010-05-28, 10:58
cool, lets see if there is much activety! I hope so!
2010-05-28, 11:08
Yeah wake up your clans or form some summerclans out of free agents!
2010-05-28, 13:26
And btw, by announcing the pro league now there should be enough time for oldtimers to prac up in shape during the summer/fall!
2010-05-29, 09:25
2010-05-29, 18:36
Very nice to have the start time of the next season already.

BTW please call it like EQL: Champions, or whatever. Unless there are some professional QW gamers that will sign up.
2010-05-29, 23:48
Agreed. "Pro" is a term for q3 players with poor english skills and delusions of status. Choose a name that implies skill instead of a salary.
2010-05-30, 15:20
2010-06-01, 10:26
Kewl! Guess I have to brush up my loc files a bit maybe... not that there are anything wrong with them, it's just that the old locs are kinda... well, maybe a bit too detailed sometimes (if anyone cares) :F
2010-06-04, 11:06
So when is the ladder going to start? :s
2010-06-04, 11:08
This weekend
2010-06-05, 11:34
Might be nice to see a North American team enter this ladder now that we have antliag. has been updated with antilag 2 and all ladder maps, this server is actually located in holland so should give better ping than the others from NA.

Personally I'd be happy to even play one map on server to make it a bit more even.

Being a ladder there is less worries about whether they can fulfil their fixtures (due to timezone differences) like normal leagues.

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2010-06-06, 17:07
yeah every clan is welcome to play as much or as little as they like
2010-06-08, 12:51
Good news:
2010-06-24, 10:33
Long time no seen friends... So ppl still playing quake eh! Maby I'll be back after summer. Havent touch qw for more than a year now, or is it two years? I'm getting old...

Gl all.
2010-07-06, 12:58
im pretty sure that you played quake a few times between 08 and 10
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