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The Grand Finals are here!
This weekend, the Grand Finals of Ownage #3 are to be played between Milton, the item-timer from Finland, and LocKtar, the crazy bjuder from Sweden.

LocKtar will try hard to end the duelling era of Milton, but will he be able to beat the Finn 2x best of 5?
Saturday, May 15th at 20:00 CEST:
Milton vs LocKtar, Ownage #3, Grand Finals

Commentators: Jehar and Phil

Milton beat LocKtar in the Winner Bracket Finals 3-1, throwing LocKtar down into the Looser Bracket Finals versus BuLaT in which game LocKtar won 3-2 after a thriller decider on aerowalk, bringing him into the Grand Finals.

Milton has performed almost flawlessly so far in the tournament, only losing 2 maps (!!!) to bps (aerowalk) and LocKtar (aerowalk).

LocKtar on the other hand has lost a total of 7 maps.

As Milton is still in the Winners Bracket, LocKtar needs to win two best of 5 rounds in order to become the Ownage#3 champion whilst Milton needs to win only 1 round of best of 5.

I asked around to a few players what their expectations of the coming final were, they answered:

adde answered:

I think that the machine from Finland will take this in a 3-2 game.
The only problem I can see right now is that Milton was inactive for
two weeks due to his trip to Spain and we don't know how that will effect him.
But he is a solid player and has the routine so I don't think that it will effect him to
much as long as he gets plenty of warm-up. LocKtar lost in the WB-final vs Milton.
And I would have wanted to see what would have happend if there wasn't the "drama".

Rikoll answered:

I expect an incredible game of course! In my opinion we couldn't have asked for a more epic final in this epic duel tournament. These guys even met in the WB-final, and it was a lot of fuzzzzz about that timeout thing. Time for LocKtar to prove that he's the better DM4 player, and only lost because of the timeout, and for Milton to prove that he would have won the match regardless of the timeout incident. That aside, I think Milton will win this. It is probably gonna be tight on all maps, but Milton does less mistakes and punishes opponents mistakes harder which I think will the deciding factor in this match. We saw LocKtar actually beat the ztn-master Bulat in the LB-final, so gonna be interesting to see what he can do vs an even better ztn player. I hope and think LocKtar will be able to take one, perhaps even two maps so we get some drama, but Milton sure looks strong and I won't give LocKtar that high odds. He even has to win 2xbo5 to win this, afaik? Expect the game to end 3-1 to Milton, but I think all the maps are gonna be tight and nervous games. And of course LocKtar is perhaps the only who could actually pull off a win vs Milton in a BO5 on a good day.

bps answered:

I'm excited and look forward to high quality qw, hopefully LocKtar will win his beloved dm4 this time and we get to see a decider.
dm4: LocKtar
ztn: Milton
dm2: Milton
aero: LocKtar
dm6: LocKtar
then, if now LocKtar wins, another BO5 must be fought as he comes from Losers bracket.

blAze answered:

Well I think Milton made a mistake pushing head on to LocKtar's lg last time around and played quite nervously. I expect that we don't see him doing the same mistake again. Also I hope he can play a bit more relaxed knowing that LocKtar would have to beat him twice to win. Also now we know that antilag is enabled and that shaft really bites even with 25ms so he can probably play accordingly.

Hagge answered:

I'm sure Milton is trying to place himself as an underdog as tVS'ers always do. Especially now that he has been away on vacation (read: qw duel training camp), but clearly he is the favourite in this game. My expectation is to see one of the best duel games we have ever seen in the scene. About the maps I think we will see Milton winning dm6 and ztndm3. Ztndm3 however might be a lot more close than last time. Seems like LocKtar has shaped himself up on that map, which he proved against Bulat. I do expect LocKtar to take down aero like last time, and there should be nothing stopping him on dm4 this time. It will all come down to dm2 and it can go in any direction. Somehow I fear we will see another title going to tVS this season, but LocKtar should feel free to prove me wrong

...but in the end of the day, we all know that whoever Hagge allows to win will be the winner of Ownage #3.


The games will as usual be broadcasted, make sure not to miss them!

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2008-03-13, 00:53
2010-05-13, 21:21
Talking about the final and who's going to yada yada yada is so '98. Keep it real, folks. What the public want to know is what you're going to be drinking. Me, I got a crate of Desperados (just in case it drags on past 5 games).
2010-05-13, 21:40
nice foto D
2010-05-13, 21:53
yea, photo made my day nice work. hope the finals will be as entertaining :>
2010-05-13, 23:16
Yeah I like the picture too, but who's in it? ok, I guess I recognize Locktar holding Bulat's head on a sword, and maybe Paradoks in the right frame? but who are the others?
2010-05-13, 23:20
Milton in the back, and Para in both frames
2010-05-14, 00:12
Wtf, that's Milton? he looks like an motorbike rocker or something, I thought he looked different )
2010-05-14, 00:29
2010-05-14, 08:01
There is reason why he played for the Satanic Slaughter Clan xD Finals are gonna be HOT! just too bad I will miss the action :/
2010-05-14, 08:12
would be kinda weird to write "milton vs locktar" and then putting someone else next to locktar in the picture now wouldnt it?

can admit that the parapicture to the left might not be as easy to recognize as the one on the right and I also question the motive to even having him in the picture

milton will win ofc
2010-05-14, 09:13
I would question the motive of NOT having Para in the picture frames!
2010-05-14, 09:37
Well for one he didnt even play in ownage
2010-05-14, 09:52
Motivation is obviously comic relief.
2010-05-14, 10:47
nice one 8)
2010-05-14, 12:34
Now all that I need is a picture of Dag somewhere up smiling benevolently upon those two rookies...
2010-05-15, 13:39
Are these recent pics? Because, I don't even know if this is true, I've heard Milton is in the army and usually these guys don't have long hair... So it's probably an old pic?
2010-05-15, 13:42
Oh and Bulat's head on that sword kinda looks like Keanu Reeve's brother
2010-05-15, 15:22
I think I saw that picture of Milton a few years ago, so its probably quite old.. might be mistaken though =) After all I think it was a while ago that he was in the army!
2010-05-15, 15:26
Here people usually go to army when they are 18 and I'm pretty sure it was no different for Milt. Luckily those days are long gone. Still, looks like and old pic.
2010-05-15, 16:48
Ah OK.

BTW: who do I got to screw around here to display my NL flag???
2010-05-15, 17:00
on that pic, Milton = as i imagine Stewie Griffin around 20 :E
2010-05-15, 18:16
haha )
2010-05-16, 12:13
"Keanu Reeve's brother"
2010-05-17, 09:13
I was sure it's on Sunday.....hehe, I tuned in to Mumble last nite at 8pm.....and there was noone, noone on the servers... but looks like I didn't miss anything....
2010-05-17, 10:39
2010-05-17, 14:36
#21: 'manage your profile' -> 'Miscellaneous' -> 'Country'
2010-05-19, 16:05
Ah thanks
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