soma  /  7 May 2010, 02:10
O Final, Where Art Thou?
Thou art here!

Yes, this weekend is going to be as good as it gets from a QuakeWorld point of view. Not only will Bulat face LocKtar in the Loser Bracket Final of Ownage #3 to see who will take the remaining spot in the Grand Final versus (currently exiled) Milton; Slackers will also try hard to put an end to The Viper Squad's impeccable winning streak that has stretched out over several EQL Seasons now.
Shortly before Scandinavia turns into a mosquito-infested heaven for pestilence and players decide to take a break from QuakeWorld whilst pretending they have a summer worthy of leaving the house, we have a few more highlights to offer!

Friday, May 7th (tonight!) at 20:00 CEST:
Bulat vs LockTar, Ownage #3, Loser Bracket Final

This is going to be a guaranteed nailbiter and I think we can prepare for four maps at least - probably five! Bulat has ztndm3 and aerowalk, LocKtar has dm2 and dm4, and I expect the players to win their maps and nervously shake it out on dm6. But okay, I might be wrong there. Either way - this is not going to be a game you'll want to miss!

Place your bet: Bulat vs LocKtar @ Goldrush

Sunday, May 9th at 20:00 CEST:
Slackers vs The Viper Squad, EQL #11, Division 1 Final

The highlight of the 4on4 Season has arrived. Given the winning streak and the scary lineup ( XantoM, Milton, blAze, Ihminen), The Viper Squad are obviously favourites to win the Season, but let's not forget that there have been bigger upsets than this in the history of QuakeWorld. Slackers will be fielding Murdoc, ParadokS, Krab and Zero, all of which know how to lock a map and keep it locked. An error or a bad start, and there goes the map win for tVS.

Place your bet: Slackers vs The Viper Squad @ Goldrush

I asked blAze and ParadokS what they expected from the final, and this is what they said:

soma: tVS took down Slackers quite comfortably with a 2-0 victory during the season. Do you expect this to happen in the final too?
blAze: No, they are in much better shape now than they have been in years. And we will be rusty because we don't have a team to prac with until the day of the final.
soma: Okay, and you're not just being modest there?
blAze: No, I mean everyone saw how they destroyed fusion!
soma: And who do you think is Slackers' best player? The obvious pick is always ParadokS, but what do you think?
blAze: Murdoc, he is solid on every map! ParadokS is like Valla - great on dm3, good on e1m2, dm2... oh well
soma: What do you expect from the final? What are your chances? I talked to blAze and he said you guys were pretty rusty in your EQL-encounter, and that he expects more of a fight in the final.
ParadokS: Well, even if we are better now than before, we are still not at their level. So i would give us like 20% chance to win. As i said before in some debate on forum, tVS is the only team in the scene that maintained four starplayers in their lineup while everyone else had to cope with whatever they had.
soma: 20% chance meaning decent starts and stuff?
ParadokS: If we play our best and keep our heads cool even when they put the pressure on - sure, anything can happen.

I for one can't wait to see both these games. Make sure you check on IRC early enough in both cases so you don't miss out on commentary and coverage. Can the Tatar take out Locke? Can Slackers put an end to The Viper Squad's dominance? What do you think?
2010-05-07, 02:36
start to pop the corn! good luck all!
2010-05-07, 06:15
Damnit! I gonna have to look for an internetcafe in Malaga :/
2010-05-07, 06:53

Man what a QW weekend, the best in years!!!

Btw whats with the time on QW.NU?
2010-05-07, 07:04
It's going to be HOT! \o/
2010-05-07, 07:26
This season had a lot of promise to be hot, and it sure looks like it! Both the 4on4 EQL final and the 1on1 Ownage final, no matter who wins of Bulat & Locktar, will be the best finals the scene have seen the last two years and a half. Maybe even longer than that, but I wouldn't know too much about that.
2010-05-07, 07:34
So hard to predict these games as well. I went for 2-3 victory to locke, and 3-2 to tVS on goldrush simply because the odds for those seemed like the best I think any result might happen in these games.
2010-05-07, 08:18
Thank god for dual monitors, there is icehockey world championships at the same time as these games!
2010-05-07, 09:35
Dang I'm going to be out of the house... don't forget to record commentary streams!
2010-05-07, 10:11
Im glad I don't have to leave home tonite
2010-05-07, 10:20
Only thing that could make this hotter is if Hagge was in sr or tvs and also was the one waiting for locktar/bulat in the ownage final
2010-05-07, 10:37
I disagree Hooraytio... if Hagge was in tVs or waiting in the Grand Final, everybody would have know the result so it would have been less tense
2010-05-07, 11:15
Exactly NoobyWanKenooby and that's why I was playing with my monitor off in both eql and ownage. It's not interesting winning every single game season after season, sometimes you have to let other players win, or they might stop playing the game
2010-05-07, 16:10
The Game. We all just won it.
2010-05-07, 18:22
anybody knows the server? and the link to the audio stream, if any? should have been started by now :| please help
2010-05-07, 19:08
ohh nice games! i feel SR might just take this onehome! paradoks mvp for sure! .. also: go LOCKE!
2010-05-07, 22:29
3-1 tVS
2010-05-08, 07:48
reppie start playing instead you fucker!!
2010-05-09, 17:14
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