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The Saint-Petersburg QW LAN
On May 29-30th in the hero city of Saint-Petersburg in Russia a lanparty is going to take place, The Saint-Petersburg QuakeWorld Championship 2010 is its name.

Read on for more information.

Nominations to be played: 1x1, 2x2.
Place of conducting: gaming club "Sprut"
Entrance fee: according to current prices.
Prize fund: participants' money.

Those wishing (or considering) to take part are welcome to leave their comments.
Start saving money and arranging your plans!

Organizer Firelight
Logomaker BuurVrouw
IRC channel -
2010-04-07, 10:53
Would it be possible to borrow a PC + screen then? Also are any of the tournaments finished on saturday?
2010-04-07, 11:42
the club has computers so you do not need to bring them.
I think that on Sunday will be the final stage of the tournament, so if you are lucky and loose everything it will be finished on saturday
2010-04-07, 11:46
I think that to borrow a PC is the usual way to participate in this tournament. Also usually on all tournaments in Russia all finals postpone to the last day. But it is Russia. Everything is very flexiable. You can always negotiate with gaming club about using your own PC or monitor or talk with organizers about playing 1on1 on first day.
2010-04-07, 15:17
too bad I can't make it those dates :[
2010-04-07, 15:55
Were is english google.maps link.

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2010-04-07, 15:56
2010-04-07, 16:03
Rus Alko Party Hmmm ...
2010-04-07, 19:09
Rikoll travelling to Russia for a QW LAN? Oh man, that's hardcore!
2010-04-07, 20:02
a lot has happend since you last paid the qw scene a visit timmi, rikoll is now in the HQWC, and is practically owning the whole scene!
2010-04-07, 21:55
would be nice to meet norvegian starplayer at qw lan
2010-04-07, 23:14
Nice logo! Its a fresh change from all that digital stuff
2010-04-08, 06:05
just don't get him drunk zepp! he might get very aggressive then and start talking about killing baby seals
2010-04-08, 22:06
Going on holliday the following week, so can't make it. Damn! Taking a flight from Oslo Airport quite early on saturday. Would be cool meeting the russian guys! Keep the LANs coming though!
2010-04-09, 09:18
True that, I wouldn't mind a mini holiday to mother Russia 8)
2010-04-09, 15:03
"Prize fund: participants' money."

That's intriguing, are you saying that the winners get to keep their own money? Wow, that's generous!
2010-04-12, 22:26
#15 I'm guessing it's more like in the fighting game community where everyone pays a fee that goes to the total prize pot of the tournament.
2010-05-06, 19:32
I'm +!
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