Kapitan Kloze  /  22 Mar 2010, 21:35
Goblin Frag eXtreme - EDIT
Do you like QuakeWorld, pretty girls and ice-hockey? If you've replied "yes" thrice, this is just what you've been looking for.
goblin powered up by nuff-nuff are the crack team responsible for a new QuakeWorld movie. This has been a rarity in our community, so it is a great pleasure to proudly present nuff-nuff's very first attempt at QW cinematics!!

Enjoy Goblin Frag eXtreme!!

Watch it Download

nuff-nuff has just contacted me and asked to spread the word about his newest movie project. So here it is - Pinches Tiranitos Birthday Party which treats od the clan itself.


P.S. The movie will be uploaded later to watch.
2010-03-22, 21:46
finally a new movie. nice work, thx
2010-03-22, 21:53
well that was.. put together in an hour? :/
2010-03-22, 21:58
hahahaha nuff-nuff this is hilarious <3
2010-03-22, 22:19
well ljuglampa i think this was more focused on the fun
2010-03-22, 22:31
it's still running in the background.
2010-03-22, 22:35
omg cant wait for download to end! ZOMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG i cant wait
2010-03-23, 05:57
Movie was nice but I've seen better frags !

No, just joking, frags were awesome especially the dm3 shafting part... as somebody once said, teh dude is one with the mouse
2010-03-23, 05:59
Oh, and to deus and mushi: my download took less than a minute, now this is called INTERNET CONNECTION
2010-03-23, 08:00
Any mirrors?
2010-03-23, 08:58
2010-03-23, 10:11
video link is wrong
2010-03-23, 10:33
ice hockey is for tussies
2010-03-23, 10:38
why dont u play then flep?!? 8)
2010-03-23, 18:17
Fun movie nice work, make some more.

but... I noticed the dde3 movie link and I decided to take a peek at it again. I actually expected the movie to be not as cool as I thought it was the first time I watched it. (a loooong time ago).
damn.. I was wrong.. That movie is so gooood.
Anyways I wondering.. Do we have players these days that mastered the movement that dag had in dm6?
2010-03-23, 20:57
omg, gg, oldskul ftw! huds wanted
2010-03-23, 20:57
omg, gg, oldskul ftw! huds wanted
2010-03-23, 23:05
Looks so ugly. cant belive that this was made in 2010, looks likes like it was made 10 years ago :E
2010-03-24, 08:08
What piece of shit.
2010-03-24, 08:31
Was that a question Spirit?
2010-03-24, 12:11
stop the bashing, it's not like he is trying to do the next fde/dde or something.. this was his first movie and I think he did a really good job! hope to see more frag movies from you nuff-nuff

for you who are complaining, where is your contributions? you haven't done anything so you are all PIECES OF SHIT!
2010-03-24, 13:53
does anyone have Xantoms email or could ask him on mirc? i am at work, pls.
2010-03-24, 14:20
Why would you need to contribute something yourself in order to criticize something else.......
2010-03-24, 15:53
because otherwise you are a PIECE OF SHIT? but we all know you are that mipa :E
2010-03-24, 18:16
the girls were only in the movie to make up for the gay hockeycrap!
2010-03-27, 19:19
Wow! Nice! Watching Olympics I found that hockey and QW have something common and I had the same idea about such movie. Thanks Gob for this try.
2010-03-29, 09:40
It's not by Goblin, it's by nuff-nuff
2010-03-31, 23:19
word hagge. u are god
2010-04-01, 07:01
thanks <3
2010-04-02, 22:39
I have contributed so I can bash hagge
it's a fun movie n all but too much slow motion and "used my own cfg"
other than that, frickin sweet!
2010-04-10, 12:43
i liked it alot, good work!!
Nice music, nice babes, nice frags.
2010-05-07, 16:46
Nice. Looks like it`s recent material
2020-09-23, 22:34
Nice vid, did not archive it back in the days.
Can someone help me out? (links are not working anymore -_- )
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