Kapitan Kloze  /  16 Mar 2010, 02:20
Fusion take ClanWarz title home
Over two months of bloody carnage, thousands of frags, hundreds of bores and a few dozens of hectic battles and one true champion. In the very first ClanWarz organized by the crew, Fusion defeated Satan's Soldiers with a 3-0 victory.
The games proved to be much more interesting than what could have been expected, as the underdogs surprised many and proved those who had had little faith in them wrong.

Starting lineups:

Satan's Soldiers: Milton, jebbis , Diki, Darkki (dm3 and dm2) and kingpin (e1m2)
Fusion: moltas, Nitram, Skillah, Squeeze

Satan's Soldiers had some problems with out-timers like Darkki, they couldn't find the momentum and their performance was not that impressive as it used to be. For the last map they switched Darkki with Kingpin and it led to an epic finish that will be remembered. Nevertheless, it turned up to be just not enough for incredibly aggressive and consistent Fusion. Their leader Valla aka Nitram put up another great performance, teamed up with Moltas, Skillah and the Brave Soldier Squeeze who needs special credit here - fighting gallantly against Low Ping Bastards with approx. 130 ms of his in a QW 4on4 final is worth recognition in the QuakeWorld archives.

Both teams: great, great games! Thank you Satan's Soldiers and congratulations to Fusion for your most certainly deserved victory - the best team of this year's ClanWarz with their MVP Nitram (arguably the MVP of the whole ClanWarz - unfortunately Hagge didn't participate )

dm3, dm2, e1m2
dm3, dm2, e1m2

Final standings of the ClanWarz:

1. Fusion
2. Satan's Soldiers
3-4. Slackers and Demolition Crew (games pending)
5-6. Dies Ater and Revolution (games pending)
7. Magnum 44
8. Demolition Crew 2
9. Clan Cube Squad
10. Dark Abbots
11. aX3
12. machinery
13. Clan Cube Squad


14. communista simpatico
15. Hard Guns Dealerz
16. jamajengi

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2010-03-16, 06:40
Grats Fusion! This is only a start
2010-03-16, 08:37
wp fusion, im quite impressed with the progress you guys have made despite adding div0valla recently. final piece of the puzzle?
2010-03-16, 08:51
If SS had Hagge, it might have turned out otherwise for sure! GGs
2010-03-16, 09:22
It is a damn shame there is not enough Hagge for everyone
2010-03-16, 09:49
Too bad about Darkki's timeouts, kinda ruined the first 2 rounds. Bad call not to let kp play from the start, since Darkki was timeouting already before the game.
2010-03-16, 16:21
Maybe I have a secret twin?
2010-03-16, 20:23
2010-03-17, 07:42
congratz, e1m2 was really good. 245-244 :E
2010-03-17, 18:20

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