Kapitan Kloze  /  6 Mar 2010, 17:35
ClanWarz: Slackers vs Fusion
The second semifinal in the Cup of the Sith should be played on Sunday at 20:00 CET.

The Final of the Cup of the Jedi is played Monday at 21.00 CET.

Jehar & Adde

We are playing bo5 so you'd better reserve some time to enjoy the games!!

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Clans Slackers and Fusion will fight for the spot in the final game. Which clan will get the honor to challenge Satan's Soldiers in the finals?

Find out on Sunday! Probable line-ups:

Slackers: ParadokS, dimman, murdoc, krab
Fusion: moltas, nitram, Skillah, chris

The game will probably take place at KTX #1, IP: or #1, IP:

In the final for the Cup of the Jedi two Polish clans will collide. Magnum 44 had to defeat aX3 in the QF (screens) and Clan Cube Squad in the semis (screens) while Demolition Crew 2 beat machinery (screens) in the QF and Dark Abbots in the semis (screens)

Probable line-ups:

Magnum 44: plate, glt, samon, qs
Demolition Crew 2: fluartity, Highlander, matek, Shamoth

The game will take place at Aster server 1 Aster KTX 27500, IP:
2010-03-06, 18:28
I will probably play, not puri.
2010-03-06, 18:35
2010-03-06, 20:37
Skillah isn't going to play - he's on holidays. I'm guessing Rikoll is.
2010-03-06, 21:21
Skilla is back on Sunday I've heard.
2010-03-07, 05:05
2010-03-07, 05:05
no faith in the 140 ping :0
2010-03-07, 10:13
I didn't know the admins decided who is going to play? What if fusion chooses to play with squeeze now, will they then be banned? B<
2010-03-07, 11:22
Check the definition of the adjective "probable". It may help you, really
2010-03-07, 11:48
squeeze is in their lineup, that should indicate that he probably will play? :d
2010-03-07, 13:46
Only 4 guys fit on the field. In an important game, it's probable that the players who can give the most competitive performance play.
2010-03-07, 21:57
nice games! awsome commentary! once again Jehar delivers high end commentary.
2010-03-07, 22:00
Nitram stole the show turning that last dm3 around. Fucking ggs

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2010-03-07, 22:29
Yeah nice commentary, let's try to get it in every interesting game, including hot eql groupgames! But Adde, stop being overoptimistic, 60 frags in 2 minutes in dm3, is not "doable"... It's ok to admit it when it's game over.
2010-03-08, 12:51
it is duable but it wont happend
2010-03-08, 12:51
Will there be a demo pack with commentary? If so, please upload it soon, because otherwise I will have to watch the game without the commentary :E
2010-03-08, 13:15
jehar will polyy have it up within the week
2010-03-08, 13:30
I wonder why Slacks chose dm3 as the 4th map. They were pretty superior on e1m2 and had the right to choose. Was it a good choice knowing Valla's dm3 skillz? inho, on dm2/e1m2 they would've done better.
2010-03-08, 14:03
I guess they thought they could do better on dm3. E1m2 would have gone out way imo. No way we would play as bad as we did twice in a row.
2010-03-08, 14:09
Adde: Guess I will have to watch it without commentary then, a few days of waiting is too much for me :[

KK: Agree with Serox, but I also think the fact that Paradoks didn't play the first dm3 was also a big part of the decision. If you look at the results from the first dm3 the addition of Paradoks would at least make me think they should've won the second one.
2010-03-08, 15:07
I got the commentary Hagge, you can get it later today if you want?

Dunno if Jehar is going to make a commentary pack, I usually do that when i run the stream, but I didn't run it yesterday.
2010-03-08, 15:52
Sounds good Zalon, thanks! Am keen to watch the game tonight
2010-03-08, 17:13
#17: Both Moltas and Valla are really hot e1m2-players if they get the flow going.. We did feel that e1m2 is a map that could go either way. We were a lot more confident at dm3, looking at the first one which we had the grip of almost whole game until like 4-5mins left when we went way to passive.

We know valla is super hot on dm3, but performing like he did last dm3 is like 1/20 in this situations? So we went for dm3 especially since para was playing too, confident we could get control and take it home.. When game was on we did some fuck ups and valla played insanely good.... The rest is history
2010-03-08, 18:54
great commentary !!
2010-03-08, 18:59
2010-03-08, 19:08
2010-03-08, 21:40
yeah any VoDs? ;O
2010-03-09, 08:47
valla is superhero.
2010-03-09, 15:58
Yes, he has taken over your role fix :E
2010-03-09, 17:17
hagge silence!

only superhero is the lohjan Dag DIKI
2010-03-09, 18:16
get VoDs up!! I missed these
2010-03-10, 00:33
Sorry, didn't have time to do the commentary pack, but vods are available. Will try to do commentary packs tomorrow.

SR vs F : TastySpleen Ustream
44 vs dc:
2010-03-10, 08:22
I take it back, the only superstar that has ever been is fix, it has been proven
2010-03-10, 15:01
He'll bite the dust at OWNAGE!!!!!!!!!oneone!!!!
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