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JohnNy_cz  /  22 Jan 2010, 12:09
ezQuake seeking for user input
The ezQuake team would like to ask everyone to fill in these two forms. Data obtained from both should result in everyone's benefit.

The first poll is ezQuake hardware compatibility list, it should take you less than a minute to fill it in. The goal of this poll is to create a list of hardware combinations that are proven to work well with our client.

The second poll is ezQuake User Experience Poll, it should take you less than 5 minutes to fill it in, it has a bit more questions.
The goal of that poll is to...
... get feedback on features and usability of ezQuake and to answer some questions many developers ask themselves when they work on various features. It is also a place where you can express yourself what you would like to see in the future versions of ezQuake.

For the rest of the ezQuake team I would like to thank everyone who fills in any of the two forms! After some time we will of course publish summaries of what the answers were like, surely some of you would like to know what other people answered. As for hardware compatibility list, that will become standard part of the ezQuake documentation.
2010-01-22, 12:45
My client crashes on spinev2.bsp in gl and software. Apart from that ezquake is good
2010-01-22, 12:47
2010-01-22, 12:50
2010-01-22, 14:07
Also done. Some of the questions were a bit ambiguous though. You might want to look into that.
2010-01-22, 15:09
Done, didn't submit my nick in fear of getting filtered out, but I'm sure you can guess what answers are mine
2010-01-22, 15:20
2010-01-22, 15:35
2010-01-22, 15:41
done. interesting.
2010-01-22, 16:34
done and done
2010-01-22, 16:35
Zalon: I guess it will have "md3 md3 md3" written in all the answers right? :E
2010-01-22, 17:03
2010-01-22, 18:11
I did it!
2010-01-22, 18:16
I filled it out but forgot to mention that ezquake doesn't handle different map versions, which means that the only recourse for the player is to navigate to the program directory and manually delete the previous map so ezquake can download the correct version from the server.

A related point is that ezquake does not display the filename (eg ztndm4.bsp) on map load, only the map's internal name (eg. The Steeler) so to delete the offending map you have to do some detective work, which can be difficult for the obscure ffa maps when they come in to rotation.

Sorry for fucking up the survey, and keep up the awesome work!
2010-01-22, 23:04
Stev: ezq always writes "Map model file does not match (map_filename), ... You may need a new version of the map, or the proper install files." on this situation.
2010-01-23, 01:56
2010-01-23, 05:58
Doen (c) LocKtar
2010-01-23, 10:49
2010-01-23, 16:20
Stev: Yea, I've been bothered by that too, especially when beta-testing new maps. I made a suggestion in the form to have an option to allow redownloading/overwriting of the current map instead of throwing an error message.
2010-01-24, 00:12
this should have been done earlier and often. I can't wait for graphics with the results! good questions, great idea!
2010-01-24, 05:21
What happened to the old pain and death sounds that I hear in old demos? Would be could if those could get added in or something in the ezq client - I forgot to put it in the survey .
2010-01-24, 10:03
2010-01-24, 12:19
filled out, forgot to write feature request:
i wan't the hit-ding-sound from Q3 as an option =)
2010-01-24, 18:48
2010-01-25, 00:41
2010-01-26, 03:26
yeah i second what paradoks said, would be awesome to get hitsounds
2010-01-26, 03:31
Oh and if it's at all possible, demo_capture straight to AVI in Linux, Would be awesome
2010-01-27, 03:05
Forgot to put this in the survey, but we need better scripting options to apply weapon specific settings (such as lower sens for lg). Right now there is two ways to do it and neither is good. The traditional way is problematic because it will apply the settings to all weapons in the same weapon alias not just lg and the f_weaponchange way sucks because it doesn't restore the settings until the weapon changes back when what you want is to have normal sens restored immediatly when you release the key. What we need is script options to check if you have lg and cells that are not tp-protected so you can do something like "if 'lg' isin $weapons then shaftsettings" and bind it to your lg key.
2010-01-27, 07:03
There should be an option to change the default explosion color. There are options to change the explosion light color and rocket light color. The default yellow explosion color matches the yellow tracer, but there's also a green tracer, and it would be nice if I could have green explosions to match the green tracer.

(Yes there's that giant green explosion, but there's no way anybody could actually use that.)

TTimo's (id software guy) mouse accel code should be added too... since it's the new thing and it's online.
2010-01-27, 12:32
There should also be an option to turn explosions off. Was already possible in Fuh.
2010-01-28, 01:26
oh i just remembered something else, i would like implemented.

I think that qw comes across as especially 'old' to newer audiences because the original sounds are kinda horrendous. It would be nice if there were 'allowed' sound packs which passed ruleset smackdown and were considered legal by all. Sounds I would like there to be alternative options for in order of most important: jump sounds, rl/lg sounds, pain sounds.
2010-01-28, 01:29
for the record, i'm not against the sounds we have now - i just think it would be really nice to have some alternatives.
2010-01-28, 11:19
It seems that the community accepts the way FTE checks the sounds - only ensures the length is the same - so we might turn to that way too. It for instance allows you to replace some silent sounds with more loud ones so you might hear better what is happening without turning your volume up and getting headaches from other annoying too loud sounds.
2010-01-29, 08:03
There was some "mod" way back which had really cool sounds and gibs... it was called something like "quakeworld extreme". I used to have it turned on back in 98-01 but i got an all clean quake when signing up for nqr2. anyway, i think it would be nice with some new sounds as long as it cant be misused (who knows what can be considered cheating). im really tired of the jump sound
2010-01-30, 04:22
hhhHUH hhhHUH hhhHUH U

The FTE way will be abused for sure. The default sounds blend into each other and are not so easy to tell apart. With doctored sounds you could have much clearer sound image and therefore better awareness of the game.

The idea of someone having pling-plong-plang as pain sounds just irks me. ://

But on the other hand it would be damn nice to have decent quality of sound. :/
2010-01-30, 09:41
Well EQL allowed it for at least three seasons now. I don't expect it's going to change all of a sudden now.
2010-01-30, 17:44
Hardly anyone uses FTE. Wouldn't be surprised if the admins didn't even know about this. Qizmo enemy color thing was available for over half a decade before there was a row.
2010-01-30, 22:15
Well, if it can be abused, present a situation in which it is abused so people can discuss it.
2010-01-30, 23:22
2010-02-01, 08:09
User input inputted.
2010-02-01, 08:23
a stablie version for mac OS x.
at present it runs instable with many graphic errors.
2010-02-06, 09:50
Oh one more thing!

It would be awesome if you could add a hud element that is just a 'frame' by itself, that the user can stretch to his will in the hud_editor and place behind other elements to form a background of varying transparency etc.

If there is already a function like this ignore me, but I don't think there is.

2010-02-06, 10:51
I just thought of a better comparison of what i'm suggesting: Like adding layers in photoshop!
2010-02-13, 17:53
Another thing, would be cool if gl_max_size didn't have an affect on water/teleporter textures.
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