Zalon  /  11 Jan 2010, 01:25
the Viper Squad, EQL Champions!
After a hectic final played tonight, the Viper Squad once again stands victorious as they take their 3rd EQL championship in a row! Totalling in a stunning record of 4, breaking Slackers record of 3 championships.

The match proved to be much more interesting, than what could have been expected, as the Slackers side almost made it their game on both dm3 and dm2.

Unfortunately for Slackers, the Finnish boys showed that they are still the dominating factor in QuakeWorld 4on4, and took back control before the timer could hit the limit.

So congratulations to all members of the Viper Squad with their most certainly deserved victory.

And gg's to Slackers, for showing us that there are still hope of seeing more than 3 maps played in a 4on4 QuakeWorld final.

(3-0) demo the Viper Squad vs Slackers
(DM3: 218:186, E1M2: 266:188, DM2: 227:210)

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2010-01-11, 01:31
GG! Nice to see ParadokS back, also nice to see such a good game for the final. I hope that SR will return stronger for EQL11 and that we get to see tVS actually losing a map next season

Somehow it's just more fun that way

Anyways, congrats blAze, Diki, Ihminen, Milton and Xantom
2010-01-11, 03:42
Hmm, I'm sorry I missed this live. When I saw 3 demos in the demopack I assumed rape, but that was far from the case.
2010-01-11, 07:04
The difference between the teams is Milton. He plays a very safe and with amor on say E1M2, he does not have to rely on his mates , he can just take out the slackers himself. And getting away with less than 10 health all the time is very impressive.

This is only surpassed by his ability to time the various items on the maps. He must have something like 4 or 5 clocks on his desk when he plays quake.
2010-01-11, 07:28
I joined the match when SR was leading with 20 frags on e1m2. I think still about 14 minutes on the clock tho. The moment I joined I specced Milton and from that moment he got an ya went to rl and got an rl.... With 2 minutes left he died 3 times and had 66 kills. It's insane to see him escape with low health so often. It's not luck anymore that way. Oh and I think he times health boxes too.. When I play e1m2 and I'm looking for health all the boxes seem to have dissapeared, but when Milton arrives it's cl_instaspawnhealth 1.
Anyways, Milton really took the win for tvs on e1m2. Just crazy.

dm2 was nice, sr fucking up their fullstart and at that moment I expected a rape, but zero was playing really well. Nice match.
Too bad I missed dm3. Games were pretty good, still a bit bitter that tvs in the end simply walked away with a 3-0 win. The games were kinda close, but it's still just 3-0.

Congrats tvs.
2010-01-11, 07:29
#3 whimp. Well his teammates willingly sacrifice themselves so he can grab the rockets or rl.
2010-01-11, 09:57
im not sure that 5 maps would have improved the quality of this final tho!
2010-01-11, 11:26
Hooraytio: i read it as it hopefully will be a 3-2 game.. TB3 ofc
2010-01-11, 11:30
Yeah I meant this final with current rules and map-pool. Imo it was the best thing that could happen, 3-0 (but still close scores) for either team so we didnt have to see a low quality final
2010-01-11, 12:02
And I thought this would be a match not spoiled by any derogatory cmt* related comments. But no, some people will just go on and on, no matter what.
2010-01-11, 12:05
Seriously, all the arguments were already said by both sides, even you repeat yourself couple of times on many places, yet when you see the "Enter a comment:" label with a submit button, you just take the opportunity to push your opinion everywhere and create a disgusting image in everyones mind that you are fully committed to continue your bashing as long as things are not the way you want them to be.
2010-01-11, 12:36
Don't start this again k plz? Do not feed the troll Johnny

Anyways, I have to agree with them. kenya maps would've been boring final maps probably. This doesn't mean i'm against kenya.
2010-01-11, 12:48
It would be current top two 4on4 clans facing each other, showing cool stuff to the spectators. Can't possibly imagine how it could get boring.
As for the troll, he was (or still is, who knows) an EQL admin.

Anyway, great games. After long time a match I'm going to watch again from the demos.
2010-01-11, 13:27
I dont see how this could be considered trolling... You (johnny_cz) are the one whining and not being able to control yourself as soon as you pick up on something you even remotely consider trolling, bashing something or whining about something...

It is all too clear that the quality of this game would have been lower if cmt3 and/or cmt1b had been played and this is not trolling.
2010-01-11, 13:40
I agree that it would be interesting to see who knows cmt1/3 best but im not sure that the gameplay would be top notch like it is for these clans on tb3.

But ive heard talks about a custom map tournament soon, lets see who and how many will sign up for it and also what maps there will be... I would like to try out schloss a little more (have played it 4on4 2 times and it was quite fun)
2010-01-11, 14:42
I wanted to see which team plays cmt3 better but tVS did not let it.
GGs both!
2010-01-11, 15:31
By only going TB3, tVS avoided the comments that SR got after beating f0m...

I enjoyed watching the games, I didn't miss seeing the cmt's.
2010-01-11, 22:53
Is it only for me the VODs aint working? Says the recent vids uploaded were the QHLan bronzegames.
2010-01-12, 01:56
Yeah, sorry about that... For some reason, sometimes doesn't process the vods, and they just stay like that for days.

I recreated the clips, and now they work after waiting 15minutes
2010-01-12, 11:11
Yeah they work fine now! Thanks Zalon
2010-01-12, 22:09
2010-01-14, 20:48
lol @ commentators say it was rage quit from para so wrong
2010-01-15, 06:47
Yeah, I guess he just thought you have stronger players to the remaining maps. dm2 was never his strongest map.
2010-01-15, 11:39
Some extra drama in an EQL final is always welcome, even if its just in the commentators mind
2010-01-15, 16:04
Not if it make other people look bad
2010-01-16, 00:53
To continue what murdoc said: para was actually only intended to play dm3 from the beginning, he played e1m2 too because we wanted him too. He didn't wan't to play dm2 and that was known and decided before we started. So yep, they were wrong
2010-01-16, 13:42
I think it was a smart move to take in krab on dm2, too bad it didnt pay off this time.
2010-01-19, 23:20
sorry for the ragequit comment ... it just looked like that when no one stepped in instantly ...
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