Zalon  /  5 Jan 2010, 05:48
QHLAN Finals - Live Coverage
Tonight, two of the QHLAN tournaments will be concluded when both the 2on2 final and the 1on1 final will be played. will in cooperation with QHLAN and do live coverage of the QHLAN finals!

The games are scheduled for Tuesday at 20:00cet, starting with the 2on2 final.

Jehar & Adde

1on1 Final:
(3:1) Rikoll vs zero

2on2 Final:
(bet) Seatbidders vs Oblivion (LocKtar & bps vs LethalWiz & OK98)

1on1 Semi-final:
(2:3) bps vs Rikoll
(1:3) LocKtar vs zero

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2010-01-05, 07:51
Good! Was waiting for some coverage, been real low on that front from this QHLAN
2010-01-05, 12:51
Are the full map scores available anywhere? Was about to add them on but realised i couldn't even get onto QTV.
2010-01-05, 13:07
no map scores afaik. nice site there Åke!
2010-01-05, 13:53
You can't get on QTV?
2010-01-05, 14:05
It was down during lunch at least :I
2010-01-05, 14:45
K, but it is up
2010-01-05, 22:14
Go Rikoll!
2010-01-05, 23:19
non-swedish final!
2010-01-06, 00:07
Go Rikoll!!! Wish i was back home so u could spec! damn long christmas break ...
2010-01-06, 00:38
oh stream is working better now on this crappy connection. ppry becouse its so late, before it was stopping all the time.
But why redish textures and red enemyskins? WTF why not green or white?
2010-01-06, 04:14
actually i agree with shikari, i think enemyskins should be green and teamskins perhaps red or blue or whatever. not only does it make it easier to see due to the effects of the colors of the map but its also more viewerfriendly to people from other quakes who always has green as enemyskins.

other than that jehar's commentating is awesome, jehar should commentate every game of somewhat importance in qw

good games everyone
2010-01-06, 08:08

Zero beating Locktar? Was he just fooling around?
Anyways cool to see Rikoll vs Zero as a final.
2010-01-06, 14:30
GG's zero!
2010-01-06, 15:58
Dont really know why I sucked but Zero played good, i didnt! Thats about it=) although i beat them both in groupgames:>

*back to the drawingboard*
2010-01-07, 12:20
btw where I can find qhlans demos ?
2010-01-07, 15:16
demos will be uploaded to
2010-01-07, 15:35
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