JohnNy_cz  /  1 Jan 2010, 20:45
Clan Warz Poland
Registrations are opened to the new Clan Warz Poland 4on4 tournament. The event is opened for all European QuakeWorld clans.

Interesting points from the rules:
Games will be played only on Polish server Aster unless both clans agree on other server.

There will be no divisions, clans will play each other in round-robin system, every two clans will face each other twice. This may be changed if enough clans from Europe sign up, most probably into 3 divisions system with play offs.

Map pool is "TB3" (dm2, dm3, e1m2).

Qizmo is the only allowed proxy. Probably this part of the rules will be updated before the start of the league.

This event should be perceived as a warm-up league before next EQL.
Admins are: Fluartity, Air, Shamoth, Avenger
Clan Warz Poland
2010-01-01, 21:15
Some rules may still vary for it's been under construction and we want to start it ASAP.
You are all welcome
2010-01-01, 21:19
nice initiative, wow. the site looks very good.
2010-01-02, 02:31
Poland has enough players for its own 4on4 league?

"QW is dead" my ass.
2010-01-02, 03:06
then feel free to join our everlasting fragfeast and gather your troops!
2010-01-02, 12:55
"Have to play on Aster unless both clans agree to play on a different server" -- Good one poles!
2010-01-02, 13:30
The league has originally been design for Polish clans, so that they can all compete on low pings (12-38ms). The thought of getting EU clans came later to the admins, and they can play as long as You agree to play in Poland If someone doesn't like it - bad luck. Feel free to make a Nordic League
2010-01-02, 14:00
You can say that again . I wonder if you can play at 40-50 ms in Poland. We've had to dealt with it for years in EQL, can you?
2010-01-02, 14:17
#7 EQL rules demand fair pings, so if you had to deal with it, so did everyone else playing against you. Trying to play somekind of victim is laughable. That said, rules are rules and if you don't like them, don't join the league. Simple as that. Personally I have zero interest in playing with unfair conditions, so I leave the league to Poles happily.
2010-01-02, 14:23
Why is the map pool TB3 only when this is supposed to be "warmup" for EQL? Why are there only 3 ports on Aster?
This is not the first tournament to allow servers only from certain location, it worked before, I'm sure it will work also this time. But maybe open more ports?
Also, QWFWD proxy is still missing on Aster.
2010-01-02, 14:48
JohnNy - be not afraid, the proxy will be added soon. We have discussed your point and you are right. It is TB3 for the map poll for EQL 11 is not known yet. Secondly, the poll at showed reluctance towards TB5 idea. And we are doing it mainly with accordance to people's choice.
2010-01-02, 14:49
And we will see to more ports at Asters soon.
2010-01-02, 14:56
I think there is a QWFD proxy on Aster:
it used to be a qizmo....
2010-01-02, 15:56
How many Polish clans are there? I can only see a handful at the EQL site.

It would be nice to see some older Polish clans coming back from the dead. But then again, I guess most of those would just end up being inactive and hard to contact. It's hard enough scheduling with Poles as it is.
2010-01-02, 16:19
Very good initiation!
Thx for MajQ for invitation. Clan Cube Squad is waiting for some gooooood matches to warm up EQL 11. I hope we can start with two teams, that would be great.

Anyway, eql 10 div 3-4 teams come and reg up yourself! We don't want to play against div 1-2 teams only.
2010-01-02, 16:32
Ramoryan - you are allowed to do so, so don't be shy and part your troops and register 2 squads.
2010-01-02, 16:41
somi - there's a few. we've counted 7-8......still waiting for the rest to register tho
2010-01-02, 16:42
and just by making it strictly PL SV's, admins were able to convince the peepz to sign up.....
2010-01-03, 02:20
Get kteams on and a bit of the problem i solvde. Atleast i can get 39 there instead of the 50 on aster.
2010-01-03, 03:19
same problem with who im not sure is in .pl but playable for allot of polich players.
2010-01-03, 10:00
it's aassgard I think. Definitely not in Poland. The former is an FFA server where our authorities cannot interfere I reckon.
2010-01-03, 13:55 SERVER: Asgaard 1on1/2on2/4on4 - Nuernberg, Germany, 0/8, dm6, dmm1, STATUS: standby
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