Zalon  /  20 Dec 2009, 18:42
Invitational 2on2 played tonight!
Apart from the EQL games scheduled tonight, it seems that Phil's Invitational 2on2 tourney will see some games played tonight.

We will be covering these two semifinals, with the first starting at 20:00cet:
(demos) (vods) - bps/locust vs XantoM/mazer
(demos) (vods) - hlt/dmt vs tom/slabi

Then after a little break, we will continue with lower bracket game at 22:30cet:
(demos) (vods) - LocKtar/rikoll vs ok98/LethalWiz

Jehar & Adde

Game is over: All Vods - Demos+Commentary

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2009-12-20, 18:54
Whoops, now both semifinals are listed, I hope that they will wait until the first are played
2009-12-20, 22:50
Oh I got the norwegian flag for once! \o/
2009-12-21, 03:49
Demos will work when Phil has time to replace the zip's
2009-12-22, 03:32
Still waiting..
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