zappater  /  20 Dec 2009, 02:26
EQL finals and schedule
With Slackers wiki beating Fragomatic wiki all the semi-final matches of EQL have been played. We now move on to the third place matches and grand finals. For more information about who will play who and schedule read more.

VODs SR vs f0m: CMT1b: Part 1 Part 2 | E1M2: Part 1 Part 2
Div4: Third place - Fallen Angels vs Paras
Div4: Grand final - Clan Cube Squad vs Comfortably Numb - Postponed to January
Div3: Third place - ChoseN vs Magnum 44 - Monday (21/12) 21:00CET/15:00EST
Div3: Grand final - Satanic Slaughter Clan vs Teamkillers Scores
Div2: Third place - Dies Ater vs Hippushnik
Div2: Grand final - Boefje vs Oblivion - Postponed to January
Div1: Third place - USSR vs Fragomatic
Div1: Grand final - The Viper Squad vs Slackers - Postponed to January

Some things to note, tVS will be away until 10th January and Fragomatic might have problems getting four players online at the same time so expect heavy division 1 delay. The street arabs of QW also known as Boefje might also be having line-up problems so its not sure if their game will be played.

This post will be updated with match schedule, scores and demos so stay tuned!
2009-12-20, 17:00
2009-12-20, 17:40
CN vs CCS cancelled/postponed maybe to the new year.
2009-12-20, 17:57
M44 vs CSN probably MON/TUE about 21cet
2009-12-22, 18:55
Ussr ftw
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