phil  /  18 Dec 2009, 19:45
Invitational 2on2 Semis!!!
The stage is set. The semifinals for 2on2 glory are here.

In the first semifinals, two Swedish teams will battle it out for a place in the WB finals: aim hamsters bps/locust vs brain lolbarns XantoM/mazer (sorry, I'm running out of nicknames here) In the second semifinals, tom/slabi the Polish dynamic duo, will face off against hlt/dmt who will represent the ice cold nerves of Finland. The deadline is December 21st...
I want to list under the Hall of Shame all those who got W.O. at least one team had actual real life concerns to tend to and I can understand that, but the rest of you are lame On the bright side, all the WB round 1 games were played, so I want to congratulate you all on that achievement. You can do it if you want to! Don't forget, December 21st is also the deadline for all round 2 lower bracket matches:

Destrux/riker vs niw/m0lle
xpr/Starling vs bambi/hedfuk
LocKtar/rikoll vs ok98/LethalWiz
Zepp/meshuggah vs pericles/mm

There will be zero tolerance for lateness

There were not as many W.O. as I previously feared! There is only one W.O. in quarterfinal and I missed the other one due to being out of it for the last few days -- update coming up. There were a couple W.O. in the LB, but I guess that is inevitable. Overall, I'm proud of all of you!

Also, Jehar of has expressed great interest in casting the exciting 2on2 axxxion. If you schedule a match, please let him know. He is always on #tastycast and is in cahoots with
2009-12-19, 08:00
go go tom/slabi
2009-12-19, 08:09
yeee, GL we keep our fingers crossed
2009-12-19, 11:20
rikoll, how we gonna outsmart littlewiz? ok is np, i won him on dh.
2009-12-19, 13:00
it cannot be done... mouhahaha
2009-12-19, 13:03
bra fest.
littlewizard of dark magic, beware Dennijs!
2009-12-19, 13:06
Our game vs xpr/starling actually wasn't WO. Demos can be found here:
2009-12-19, 14:41
2009-12-19, 15:04
Time to get all matches scheduled then.
Awesome tourney.
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