phil  /  8 Dec 2009, 15:32
Invitational 2on2 Quarter-Finals
Already in round 1, there have been at least two close fights in the invitational 2on2 tournament. The quarter-final brackets have been posted, and the last day to play is December 14. Remember, its all BO5, can't play same map more than once! Read more for the line-ups...
In the Quarter-Finals we have:

bps/locust vs Zepp/meshugga
LocKtar/Rikoll vs XantoM/mazer
xpr/Starling vs hlt/dmt
tom/slabi vs Destrux/riker

Also, the lower bracket rounds deadline is the same day. The zero tolerance for lateness will continue

GL all!
2009-12-08, 19:58
bps/locust, Xantom/mazer, hlt/dmt and destrux/riker moving on to WB semi-finals is my bet. However Zepp/meshugga, LocKtar/Rikoll and xpr/Starling can win, but I do not think it is as likely.

And guys, if you do some awesome frags, please make a comment in

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2009-12-09, 10:12
I imagine the final to be between bps / locust and xantom / mazer. Xpr / starling and Destrux / riker are also hot candidates. Even the rest of us got a chance I think, but they're pretty slim. Looking forward to some hot games!
2009-12-09, 10:30
Hmm how did Zepp/meshugga get in the quarter finals? we dident even play them .. and I tried contacting meshugga on irc a couple of times with no anwser..
2009-12-09, 10:44
Rikoll, bps/locust can't meet xantom/mazer in final. Check bracket with moar attention I wouldn't make any predictions, because they suck lately, only want to notice that bps/locust (average shaft 40%) will dominate on all maps with lg, even ztn.
2009-12-09, 10:45
sneaky russian tactics!
2009-12-09, 11:08
Of course they can face eachother in the finals. In the semifinals, loser goes to M. If both bps / loc and xant / maz wins their matches from there they will face eachother in the final.
2009-12-09, 11:36
i really don't why we are advanced to semis.
we didn't ask phil about this.
And of course we would like to play our game
2009-12-09, 12:11
*don't know
2009-12-09, 17:51
Go ahead and play your game.

Nobody ever contacted me about the unavailability of the other team (in zepp/meshugga vs niw/m0lle) so I just picked the team that I usually see in IRC channels.

If you want to play, and you cant find the other team, consider TELLING ME.
2009-12-15, 16:16
Could we get some updates on the page? Or has noone played their games?
2009-12-17, 13:19
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