Zalon  /  21 Nov 2009, 21:00
LocKtar vs Avenger - Ownage Final
The second season of the Ownage Duel Tournament is coming to an end, but we need to see one final matchup first.

After almost 300 matches played, seeing 150 players being eliminated, we are now down to the final two. That means that tomorrow Sunday, November 22nd at 22:00cet - The two times DreamHack champion; LocKtar will be up against the pride of Poland and recent comeback star; Avenger in the Grand Final!

You will be getting it all tomorrow and you might even get it twice, as Avenger needs to win a double best of five match to call himself champion, while LocKtar only needs to win 3 maps, in order for him to be victorious and win glory and fame!

As already mentioned, the match will start at 22:00cet and we bring you live commentary both on mumble and on stream via Live!

Read on for more info about the match, the commentators and to give your thoughts about the outcome.

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The two players met just 10 days ago in round 7 of the winners bracket where LocKtar won after playing all 5 maps sending Avenger down into the lower bracket. Now after taking down Locust in the Lower Bracket Final, Avenger is back for a rematch in the Grand Final.

For this thriller, and probably one of the most interesting duel finals we've seen online in quite a while, we've gotten two experience commentators to take on the mic. On one side of the ocean we have the American Jehar from Tastyspleen's TastyCast and on the other side we've found veteran commentator Hangtime. Both will be on from 22:00cet and until we have this battle settled. You can tune in on either mumble or using our live stream.

Also remember to place your bet at Goldrush, as the game is now available there. If you want, it would be nice to see some predictions on who the winner will be and why, so please leave your thoughts in the comments to this news item.

Stream - Mumble - QTV - Goldrush - Ownage
2009-11-21, 22:52
Sorry it had to take so long to get this posted, first we had to find commentators and then we had to reschedule and what not.... Then I had to go and fix my car... Oh well enough with the excuses, it takes shit long to write news items when you're piss drunk

Anyways my vote is on LocKtar because he is so awesome! I wouldn't mind seeing Avenger win this tho, as I like the way he has been on fire since his comeback... And it's always the swedes who win (unless paradoks doesn't miss his bus)
2009-11-21, 23:29
They will probably play at one of the three Asters. Will Tastyspleet Tastycast will have a live commentary? I hope so, they comment well
2009-11-21, 23:30
I'll go with Locktar as well only because he has beaten both Avenger and Locust in the tournament so seeing him beat Avenger again, specially when he has two chances is very likely.

DM2 and DM4 will be very interesting considering they are both very good at the maps.
2009-11-21, 23:35
Kapitan Kloze wins the award for best news reader!
2009-11-22, 00:15
Yes, especially due to the fact that there was not a faintest hint concerning Jehar and Tastyspleet :]

2009-11-22, 01:11
.... what? It says Jehar and Hangtime - they are even in bold

Or were you being sarcastic?
2009-11-22, 02:07
Hangtime's glorious return! All shall hear his word and rejoice!
2009-11-22, 08:27
At the time I was reading the news, there was no reference to them

And yes, I was
2009-11-22, 12:43
Air - TASTYSPLEEN ! not Tastyspleet. correct news as well :]
2009-11-22, 13:03
go Locktar.
2009-11-22, 13:52
go locketoppen =)
2009-11-22, 16:46
I haven't watched these matches lately, how can I follow the same dude commentors are following if I use ezquake(not stream)?
2009-11-22, 17:59
Cpe - done
2009-11-22, 18:12
shaga, you use:
/qtvusers (then take the id of the commentator)
/cmd follow id
2009-11-22, 23:15
Thanks Zalon.

2009-11-22, 23:42
HIP HIP HURA, HURA, HURA quote [tVs]Milton "Now that was fucking AWEsome"
2009-11-23, 06:40
I went to bed yesterday after that 2nd dm2. That was truely awful, but I do damn hope Locktar eventually won. He didn't seem to be himself yesterday
2009-11-23, 13:56
looked like locke had real problems with his ping, 14% lg isn't much of what locktar usually has xd

ggs i guess!!
2009-11-23, 15:05
too bad your bf lost
2009-11-23, 16:16
It was gg. Ping was a factor, but what else? And anyway, locktar can't win everything

I remember once upon a time there was some dude who kept getting crazy 35-45% lg in DM6 vs everyone. Then he played vs kovaak, and he got 15% there.
2009-11-23, 16:39
what i saw is that Lock couldnt play his Offense style with this ping, so Ave cs the shit out of him. Ave was better on ztn and aero, but Locktar's dm4 is better than Ave's, he just gave the victory away on dm4.(dm2, noone can play there as Locktar, even if he loose). BTW Lock has a really bad luck with respawn. I saw few times when Locktar was raped with 51 ping, so he might be right with his ping whine. The other side is the coin that the swe players refuse to play with 30+ ping, wich sux if there is just a few players play this game, from different location. noone like 51ms or more(Bulat maybe ).
2009-11-24, 07:16
I still don't know how the last bo5 went. Did they even play it? Ownage didn't get updated yet... :/
2009-11-24, 07:29
any ownage admins are alive? please update the ownage web site
2009-11-24, 08:33
Kwibus! SPOILERS AHEAD! Avenger won the second bo5 with a straight 3-0 victory. All hail your new Polish champion.
2009-11-29, 11:19
hm... and where are demos ?
2009-11-29, 11:25
found :>
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