JohnNy_cz  /  20 Nov 2009, 20:34
Invitational 2on2 Tourney
!phil, the head of the numerous one-day and one-map tournaments, including the last OLDSCHOOL proposes a 2on2 invitational tournament.

Check the forum thread for more info.
2009-11-21, 08:45
It's invite only so I'm not gonna get invited anyways. Else I guess it would be fun to play in an 2n2 competition.
2009-11-21, 09:43
yeah, why invitational? a 2on2 contest would be so much fun!
2009-11-21, 17:16
Maniac is right!
We would like to play in a normal 2on2 competition!
That would be better!
2009-11-21, 18:12
The idea would be that he can choose 16 or so active teams with incredible lineups to make a fantastic tournament with next to no walkovers.

2on2 is the least developed game mode (it doesn't even have its own map pool) and is the least interesting to watch, but top players competing with other top players against MORE top players will always be interesting.
2009-11-21, 21:11
it's a good idea, huge show for spectators
2009-11-21, 22:15
then make "normal" 2on2 also invitational.
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