zappater  /  7 Nov 2009, 16:24
Locust faces Bandit on Sunday
Ownage has moved into the final stages of the tournament and on Sunday one of the two lower bracket finalists will be decided. Locust wiki will face Bandit wiki with the winner having to play against Bps wiki directly after for a place in the loser's bracket finals.

Between 21.00 and 22.00 CET the first match of the evening will be played between Locust and Bandit. The two played each other earlier in the winner's bracket, a match Locust won 2-0 easily. However since then Bandit has surprised a lot of people by taking down players such as Zepp and Murdoc, proving that he has a place amongst the top players. (scores) (demos)

Directly after this we will see Bps take on the winner for a place in the loser's bracket finals. Bps has recently been one of the most active players in the scene and will without a doubt put up a good fight against whoever he has to face. (scores) (demos)

Unfortunately Tastyspleen Tastycast, who recently covered Bps vs Goblin, won't be able to provide live coverage of the matches but if you are interested in providing commentary for the matches please contact SK|zappater in #Ownage.qw and we will try to set it up.

Bet on the game on Goldrush
2009-11-07, 17:34
Admins, please add this game (and also ability to add own games to users) to
2009-11-08, 02:34
2009-11-08, 04:45
I think locust will win against Bandit, just by looking at their last game but the next match I am not so sure about. I think Locust and Bps are quite even on DM4 and Aerowalk, those maps will probably end 1-1. On DM2 Bps should have an advantage due to playing with Locktar a lot but then again Locktar did lose to Locust on DM2 and that map can go anyway, still I think Bps will win it.

On Ztn I would favor Locust just cause it has an easy to get LG and I believe his LG to be stronger than Bps's LG. As for DM6 I have no idea, I think its gonna be close and anyone can win. Now they are only playing BO3 but from the above there isn't really any favorite I would say.
2009-11-08, 16:40
Ztn for Bps. But still have no idea who will win. We'll see! Show us some nice games, guys!
2009-11-09, 01:54
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