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Renzo  /  25 Sep 2009, 11:20
MVDSV 0.29 and KTX 1.36 released
Both MVDSV 0.29 and KTX 1.36 have now been released. After over a year of work and testing, we can finally bring you the new builds. Both builds are mostly bugfix releases but there are some new features too.
KTX downloads section

MVDSV downloads section

The most visible differences are probably accurate sg/ssg hitspots and smoother gameplay due to slightly lowered sv_mintic in the configs (no more jerky lifts/rockets!). Autotrack has been improved hugely, it now works like it did with KTPro. We also have new spawnmodel and rocket direct hit damage of 110 in this release. There were some tweaking to configure scripts to make MVDSV compilation easier job. And finally a lot of cleanup has been done to configs, so it doesn't look that bad of a mess as it used to, KTX now defaults a lot of things like they have been for years without the need of config files.
2009-09-25, 14:37
There is KTPro source available now?
2009-09-25, 15:00
Where i can find GPL'ed KTPro sources?
2009-09-25, 18:28
Ask Qqshka if you see him. I'm not actually certain HOW the sources were released, or was it just rxr giving the sources to Qqshka or so, so I think I'll remove the line from the news to make it less confusing. Anyway as I said, ask Qqshka to get more information.
2009-09-28, 09:13
This looks like a really sweet release. Thanks team!
2009-09-28, 14:45 (or has been updated.
Good work!
2009-09-28, 15:01
Btw, <-> wargamez == 4ms if u want to use my proxy on port 30000.
2009-09-29, 15:30
> rocket direct hit damage of 110
Not random 100-120?
2009-10-03, 14:03
"added clan arena support"
cant wait to try it!

great job
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