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JohnNy_cz  /  25 Sep 2009, 10:58
ezQuake 2.0 stable
The QuakeWorld client ezQuake 2.0 stable version has just been released. Read on for further info, download links and the changelog.
Note: New KTX and MVDSV stable releases are here in a few moments too!
Even if "2.0" version might suggest that this is somewhat reworked release of the ezQuake QuakeWorld client where something big was changed from scratch, it isn't quite so.

Some may consider the complete replacement of the server part with MVDSV code as "the main thing".
Also as always there are many nice new main features like simple-items, Mumble support, IRC support, KTX support, early packets, and spectator interpolation, but also there are many important bugfixes and also lots and lots of less significant features.

It's these less visible but "nice and sweet" features, that make ezQuake real community project in QuakeWorld. We hope that everyone will find their set of new stuff they like, while other players may enjoy something completely else.

We'd like to thank all the people who help us tracking down bugs, sending us suggestions or contribute in other ways to this project.

Thank you all and enjoy ezQuake 2.0 in the new QuakeWorld season.

2009-09-25, 13:31
So what does the todo list say?

md3/md5 support in 2.1?
2009-09-25, 14:03
2009-09-25, 14:05
Good work guys, The early packet feature works quite well .
2009-09-26, 17:34
sweet, feels very solid
2009-09-27, 09:26
Fantastic work. You guys are amazing.
2009-09-27, 10:28
I would send the ezquake crew to concentration camp for disallowing mouse movement when console is open
2009-09-27, 12:56
mipa: then we'll send you to volcano god!
2009-09-27, 14:15
Why would you want to use the mouse when the console is down anyways? I never found a use for it.

I think the bug will be fixed in 2.1 by the way.
2009-09-27, 14:53
Sorry never mind, I guess it is because of the chat bubble .
2009-09-27, 22:33
gl_simpleitems 1 = awesome!

cl_earlypackets 1 is wonderful as well. IMHO QW sorely needed something like this. Maybe it should default to "1" for the new players? I always hated how I could play Call of Duty 4 with a 200 ping and still have it feel good but not so with QW. It feels better now.
2009-09-28, 06:28
nQuake updated.
2009-10-08, 00:42
my ping is 20ms higher since I`ve installed the 2.0.

any ideas?
2009-10-13, 19:25
Come to the irc channel or post in the forum ric, easier to get an answer there now that the news is a bit old.
2010-01-27, 00:13
big thanks, works fine
2010-01-27, 00:35
omg match_auto_unminimize is sexy !!
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