Zalon  /  12 May 2009, 22:54
EQL Quarter-Finals
The quarter-finals for this season of the European Quake League were extended for 1 week, due to problems with the EQL site, during part of the original week of play.

But now the last of the quarter-finals have been played, and the semi-finalists have been found.

Read on for results, demos and the list of upcoming semi-finals.

Division 1
(3-0) (demo) the Viper Squad vs Fusion
(3-0) (demo) Druidz vs Dies Ater
(3-0) (demo) Slackers vs Quakeklan
(3-0) (demo) Clan Malfunction vs Oblivion

Division 2
(3-0) (demo) Demolition Crew vs Bukkake Samurai
(3-0) (demo) Fraggers United vs Satanic Slaughter Clan
(3-1) (demo) Apocalypse 2000 vs Chosen
(3-0) (demo) Segfaulters vs Clan Metally Troopers

Division 3
(unp) (demo) Quinas vs Tactical Powerless Amebas
(w-o) (demo) Boomstick Ownator`s vs In a Blaze
(w-o) (demo) Comfortably Numb vs Bloodpunch (see EQL statement)
(1-3) (demo) BaconMen vs Fallen Angels


Division 1
(unp) (demo) the Viper Squad vs Clan Malfunction
(3-2) (demo) Druidz vs Slackers (demo including commentary)

Division 2
(unp) (demo) Demolition Crew vs Segfaulters
(unp) (demo) Fraggers United vs Apocalypse 2000

Division 3
(unp) (demo) Quinas vs Fallen Angels
(unp) (demo) Boomstick Ownator`s vs Comfortably Numb
2009-05-13, 17:30
hurry up guys, summer is soon here and I want to see all games played!!!

btw, lets try to make a HUGE fucking final out of the Div1 Final
2009-05-14, 15:07
no, lets make a HUGE fucking final out of the Div3 final!!! (if it ever gets played)
2009-05-20, 11:46
oh, didn't see this post until now. Good summary, you're doing great job, Zalon!
maybe an idea to keep it up to date, and make it a sticky?
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