Renzo  /  12 May 2009, 19:37 Servers!
Pangela has set up some servers using the latest KTX and MVDSV releases. These servers are located at the same location as IOP was back in the day so the pings should be very good for everyone.
The servers can be found from the following addresses: (qwfwd)

The servers are of course added to the QTV and will be visible on / MetaQTV.
2009-05-12, 20:08
Sweet! Thanks Pangela!
2009-05-12, 20:18
25ms to wg without the pl spikes of Sweet.
2009-05-12, 20:42
why so many?
I trust that your machine and all can handle it, And Im glad qw-servers have been added.
But I think you should stick with about 4-5, since its only fuzzy with too many. =)

Very nice tho, THANK U!
2009-05-12, 20:52
stick to 10, i can imagine it being the old bbb. sweet pie
2009-05-12, 20:58
gets me 40~ to .fi yay :-D
2009-05-13, 11:51
Nice! Thx.
2009-05-13, 15:34
Plz define "very good" and "everyone"
2009-05-13, 15:44
Still seems generally worse for norwegians than the eq.mine server. But who cares )
2009-05-13, 17:14
hot hot hot
2009-05-15, 14:04
#7 got it right. i don't understand why i ping worse to sweden than to finland from germany. i do in general, it's weird.
2009-05-16, 09:28
#10 its probebly due to some peeringagreements that differs from my isp
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