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Zalon  /  5 May 2009, 13:06
Mumble Service
For a while now, has been hosting two different voice services, a TeamSpeak and a Ventrilo server.

We are now replacing these with a Mumble server, as it will make it easier for both the users to create new channels, and for us to maintain.

Read on for more info on Mumble and our service.

Mumble is an opensource alternative to Ventrilo and Teamspeak, it's made for gamers with sound quality and latency in mind.

The feature list for Mumble is long, but the main reason for switching is it's better voice quality, and it's open license that will allow us to set up as many channels as we want.

One of the cool features of Mumble is it's "Ingame Overlay", thats fully customizable. When in a channel, and ingame, you will get a text overlay showing who is in the channel, and who is talking.

Download: Sourceforge voice service

Server info
Name: - Mumble
Host: (default port)
Status: Public

Server configuration
The server is divided into two areas, a Live and a Public area. The Live area, is what we will be using for our future commentary broadcasts, whereas the Public area is for everyone.

If you have a user account on, you will be able to create your own channel and subchannels, in the Public area.

Setting up your user password
To be able to create channels on the Mumble server, you need to have a user account here on, you can then go to manage your profile -> Mumble Options to set your password.

The service is open for everyone, so even if you don't have a account, or if you just want your friends to be able to join, without having to register. That is possible.

Creating channels
When connected and logged in to the server, you are able to create channels in the " - Public" area.
You can also create as many subchannels as you want, you simple right click " - Public" and choose "add".

Restricting access
If you don't want everyone to join your channels, you can after you have created a channel, right click it, and choose "Edit ACL".
Here you uncheck "Inherit ACLs", and add a new option. Set the new option to the group "All", and then you choose what options are allowed for all users.
If you deny access from all users, then you can add users to the channel, and choose their individual access rights.
2009-05-05, 13:11
nice! gonna try it out when I get home.
2009-05-05, 15:02
Cool stuff Zalon! I follow Mumble/Murmur for quite a while now and I'm very happy that you set up that server.
2009-05-05, 16:21
nice! i created a channel but the restictions doesn;t make sense to me at all, isn't it just possible to set a simple password?
2009-05-05, 19:11
Kudos for this. Mumble has always been much better than ts or vent, and it's really nice of you to set this up for everyone!
2009-05-05, 19:22
ah i figured out that you can only add users to a channel when the user is online on mumble.
2009-05-05, 19:48
murdoc, yeah i don't know why you can't just set a channel password, that would be a lot easier.

Also, I think that the user just needs to be registered on the server, eg set their password on

But normally, for a clan channel you don't have to add that many users
2009-05-05, 20:10
Nice, gonna try Mumble now not that I have had an interest in it before but guess I got to now.
Hope its good, no idea waiting for ts3 anyway.
2009-05-05, 20:17
Looking forward for 1.2.x introducing CELT as new codec!
2009-05-06, 07:06
Never heard of Mumble before, but it sounds great. Thanks for setting it up! \o/
2009-05-06, 12:06
Go mumble for the world! If people start realizing that Vent 2.1.4 isn't the shit anymore.
I might just be able to remove my windows partition !
2009-05-08, 14:39
Teamspeak with Overlay was the best I knew...
Hail the opensource!
2009-05-08, 20:46
Wow! I never thought I'd see any considerable gaming community use Mumble. Great news.
2009-05-14, 02:03
Brazillian TF2 community has recently switch to Mumble since it has the ingame positioning feature that ts/ventrillo lack.
2009-07-28, 22:19
Can I make that only my friends can join may creates channel?
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