JohnNy_cz  /  26 Apr 2009, 18:45
Aerowalkage Grand Final
The aerowalk-only tournament Aerowalkage will have it's Grand Final played this Sunday.
Winners' Bracket winner Reppie will be challenged by Kingpin, winner of the Losers' Bracket. In the final Losers' Bracket game Kingping defeated Bulat by 3:1.

Match is scheduled for 21:00 CET, Sunday 26th April 2009.
You can bet on the upcoming Grand Final on Goldrush.

The game will be streamed on Live
Commentators: Phil & bps

(3:0) demo reppie vs. kingpin (Map1: 31-19, Map2: 47-9, Map3: 37-17)

The demo package contains commentary too.
2009-04-23, 20:05
the king of the ping
2009-04-23, 21:11
kingpin will suprise us all \o/
2009-04-24, 03:08
Nope. 3:0 Reppie.
2009-04-24, 06:24
2009-04-24, 07:54
kingpin go go
2009-04-24, 08:20
this will be hot!
2009-04-24, 08:48
Reppie is aero king! Didn't you know that? And the result is obvious! 3-0 for The King!
2009-04-24, 09:19
kingpin told me he will win 3-0, so that's how it will end!
2009-04-24, 09:58
LOL hagge...its not 1 april you fool... i think reppie will crush him :E
2009-04-24, 10:42
2009-04-24, 11:11
I think and I hope reppie will crush him.
2009-04-24, 12:03
don't come crying to me when you lose all your goldrush money Be
2009-04-24, 16:44
KP ftw

just hope i have time to spec..
2009-04-24, 18:41
2009-04-24, 22:06
Kingpin just told me that he just won with 5-0 in prac games vs reppie, seems like it will be EZ for him on sunday!
2009-04-25, 07:40
I am really looking forward to see how many speccs this game will get with all the advertisment on esreality and sk-gaming. Hope not too many annyoing people will come. When the qnc final was played there were some non-QWers and one in particular was a real idiot
2009-04-25, 16:29
If we can get one person to try qw, it's worth putting up with a dozen ignorant morons for one match
2009-04-26, 16:18
Really hope Reppie win. GO REPPIE! \o/
2009-04-27, 01:27
good coverage, thx all!
nice ending for the tourney and really impressive display of power ((c) pantera) by Reppie!
2009-04-27, 06:48
GG reppie.

Wasn't a real match, more a reppie show!
Im sure kp had nerves, but the difference was pretty huge, which was too bad as it would've been cooler if it was a bit tighter.

Reppie still the king of aerowalk
2009-04-27, 08:41
so, how many ppl ended up watching the game??
2009-04-27, 08:55
120 on qtv, 40 on ts, and 160 viewed the live stream at one point or another
2009-04-27, 10:19
yea, once again - congrats Steven, you deserved this!
2009-05-02, 17:29
Reppie, my hero and I've met him!!!!!! Makes me quite cool too, no?
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