Renzo  /  18 Apr 2009, 12:26
Accurate sg/ssg hit spots!
I've wanted to see this for a long time now, and we have had talks about it with the KTX team and thanks to Tonik, the feature is finally implemented in KTX.
What does this feature do then? It will accurately show you where your SG or SSG pellets hit like in Quake3.

(Images of pellet spread for shotgun and super-shotgun using gl_part_gunshots 2)

It doesn't affect how much blood will be spilled so it's still the same; if your shot just scratches the enemy you will see little blood, but if you score 100% accurate hit then you will see more blood.

The servers that have this enabled already: -> -> -> -> ->

This feature will be in the upcoming release version of KTX, so feel free to give some feedback about it.
2009-04-18, 12:40
Nice! Another step forward for qw thanks to the dedicated team of developers always working to improve the game.
2009-04-18, 12:49
2009-04-18, 12:54
Very nice! =)
2009-04-18, 13:29
good i guess
2009-04-18, 13:40
Beautiful, thanks.
Is it done with CSQC?
2009-04-18, 13:47
Nope Spirit
2009-04-18, 13:48
standard qw protocol allows for this, just needed to patch the mod
2009-04-18, 14:07
Great, easier to judge how much damage you do just by looking at the shots. Thanks.
2009-04-18, 14:27
Not exactly the most important update, but yet another small step towards perfection. \o/
2009-04-18, 14:32
It will accurately show you where your SG or SSG pellets hit like in Quake3
- maybe like in original (net)quake - this would be better comparison?
2009-04-18, 14:49
Because I haven't bothered to even try netquake, and the first thing to came in my mind was Q3 since I've played it I used it as a comparison because it's the same. Besides, let the picture do the talking.
2009-04-18, 15:09
One small point. The gl spikes effect is much harder to see than the gl shotgun effect. Maybe someone could change the gl effect to something more closely resembling the current gl shotgun pellets?
2009-04-18, 15:20
Ah, about the pic... it's not that the feature requires or is meant to be used with the gl_part_spikes setting, I just mentioned it there if people were interested in what kind of setting makes it look like that.
2009-04-18, 15:26
Stev, you can use the default effect, or gl_part_gunshot:
Unfortunately you'll need a fresh ezquake build for gl_part_gunshot, as there currently is a bug which prevents it from working with precise sg/ssg enabled.
You can try this build:
2009-04-18, 15:34
It turns out Renzo was only able to get his screenshot due to the bug
2009-04-18, 15:44
That looks much better. Nice work, Tonik!
2009-04-18, 16:36
Updated the article pic using as a client.
2009-04-18, 18:32
nice change, what about making the sg spray (ssg can be debated) nonrandom?
2009-04-18, 19:31
it's called yawnmode, fern
2009-04-18, 19:53
Slightly curious, in the screenshot i count 13 'yellow flashes' + some blood.

Isnt it suposed to be 25 in total?
2009-04-18, 19:57
it's called yawnmode, fern
2009-04-18, 20:17
alright i get it :{
2009-04-18, 20:24
tested yawnmode a bit, thats quite a difference, even tho the spread isnt exactly to my liking, cool either way
2009-04-18, 20:41
Willgurht wrote:
Slightly curious, in the screenshot i count 13 'yellow flashes' + some blood.

Isnt it suposed to be 25 in total?

Hell no

56 points of damage, 4 points per pellet, 14 pellets.
2009-04-19, 08:16
ah so this was ssg
2009-04-19, 09:34
Ah, noticed this at wargamez the other day. I was like wtf?!
2009-04-20, 08:59
Nice. It would be good if you could choose between spike and shotgun particle effect, and fyi I notice gl_bounceparticles is still broken.
2009-04-20, 12:02
I guess that falls under the category "client issues" so ezQuake people should take a look at it.
2009-04-20, 13:11
How do I turn it off?
2009-04-20, 14:13
it is a little disturbing after 10 years of playing with the old style but i guess i will get over it

i do, however, hope that this isnt some sneak-start towards yawnmode because that would totally ruin qw imo
2009-04-20, 15:23
This just allows you to see where the pellets go (as you could before they implemented quakeworld), and doesn't change where they hit. I don't see how this can be anything but a positive thing.
2009-04-20, 15:43
Yes, absolutely, Stev couldn't be more right.

There was no change in the sg or ssg. Damage remains the same, pellets remain the same, dispersion remains the same. You just see where the individual pellets hit.

So no worries, I personally hate yawnmode and can guarantee that there isn't going to be any sneaking towards it.
2009-04-21, 01:14
Only (very small) downside I could see to this is for those backward countries with shitty internet connections (e.g. Australia, New Zealand), this feature would increase bandwidth consumption very slightly? Also very small change to gameplay, is that you'll now be able to see pellet impacts in situations you normally couldn't.
2009-04-21, 10:48
I think the SSG feels more like an SSG now. Combined with Q3 SSG sound it's GG.
2009-04-21, 15:57
#31 and #32

that sounds good at least, thx4info
2009-04-21, 19:30
Runamok.foe, yes, there is a slight increase to traffic, and it *might* result in an inconvenience to modem users during an ssg fight (which is why we kept putting off adding this feature for so long). For >= ADSL connections, however, there should be no worries about bandwidth, and in case of a pay-per-megabyte plan the overall increase to traffic over the course of a game should be negligible.
2009-04-21, 21:44
Is it or will it be possible to turn this visual effect off clientwise?
2009-04-23, 06:25
Tonik, where I live most people are on connections which incur a bandwidth cap after exceeding their download quota, nominally 64/64kbps (8/8KBps), but practically less, and you must use qizmo with packet compression or /rate ~3500 for it to be playable.
2009-04-23, 13:03
dont use the latest version then perhaps?
2009-04-23, 13:25
That's not a solution. This is, however. (release stuff)
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