zappater  /  17 Apr 2009, 19:14
Quake Forever Summer 2009
Dreamhack stays with Quakeworld and this time its duel. 16 spots and ~1500 in the prize pool. For those of you who would like to give Q3 CPM a shot, it will be an identical tournament for that game as well.
To sign up for the event e-mail them with the following information:
First name:
Nick name:
Last name:
Cellphone number:
Birth date:
Minimum age: 16

Send the e-mail to register [at] dreamhack [dot] se
2009-04-17, 20:30
aren't they planning some 4on4 tourney instead might be much more interstresting for more people?
2009-04-17, 21:05
Not enough qw people coming to DH for 4on4 tournament im sure of.
2009-04-18, 07:54
I would come if it was 4on4
2009-04-18, 10:24
2009-04-18, 10:49
I would come too, but don't do so much damage.
2009-04-18, 11:21
You'd have to get 4 times as many people to come for the potential prize money of 1/4 what the duel guys would be getting, and the tournament would be at least twice as long to run and far more difficult to get matches played.

Logistically it looks like it would be too difficult for a scene with so few lan events, especially during idle summer.
2009-04-18, 11:26
If again only 50% of the spots gets filled like last time when it was 2on2, I guess logically we can expect to see 0on0 QW tournament next time.
2009-04-18, 12:08
Well I would just love to see a 4on4 qw lan being orginized in a active qw period like in the first weeks of eql/nqr.

Everyone time I plan going on to QHLAN to enjoy some nice 4on4, but the period QHLAN is planned in is always when qw is inactive, so its useless to go if you'r the only 4on4 team there. 1on1 and 2on2 is just plain boring for me.

If you plan such a lan during a active 4on4 tourney, you get much more players, and look at how many eql/nqr games you will get played during such lan.

2009-04-18, 12:26
Over at Esreality it was mentioned that if they get more sign ups then 16 they might raise the amount of spots in the tournament. So start signing up!
2009-04-18, 15:19
Thank god they decided on 1on1 instead of 2on2

Anyways, I'm going - I expect to be raped first round of course, but never the less I don't wanna miss out on playing qw at the biggest lan possible
2009-04-19, 11:19
Some crucial information missing about the actual dates the event takes place. Couldn't find it on the DH site either though, so... :p
2009-04-19, 12:07
i guess it depend on the amount of players... 2on2 sucks...1on1 and 4on4 rocks! keep it up!
2009-04-19, 12:31
DreamHack Summer is from 13-16th of June, what day the qw tournament is, I don't know.
2009-04-21, 05:45
Where DH will be hosted? Stockholm or some village as usual?
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