Zalon  /  16 Apr 2009, 07:58
Quake on SK-Gaming
For those of you who do not follow the so called eSports scene, this news might not mean much to you. However those of you who do, will know that SK-Gaming is the biggest eSports site in the world, and everything posted there is read by thousands of gamers.

And even if you don't follow eSport, you might still be happy to hear that the eSports world is now at least gonna be following you, as SK-Gaming today announced that they will start covering QuakeWorld, together with our leagues and tournaments!

With the European Quake League playoffs just around the corner it's the perfect time for us to show that we are still here - so let's give them something worth covering.

SK-Gaming Announcement
2009-04-16, 08:03
Props to everyone involved in this project, I was pretty happy when I loaded up SK-Gaming this morning and saw the announcement which I've been waiting on for quite some time! This is a major thing for QuakeWorld and if done properly could change the scene to the better.

So expect to see G7 and other pro-circuit teams signing up for next EQL
fnatic, sk, 4kings, mouz - Just bring it
2009-04-16, 08:04
make sure to gather up some good commentators for the EQL playoffs!! that would definately make things more interesting for the ppl not so exposed to qw.. where is hangtime and xerial when you need them? I could even imagine sassa commentate again
2009-04-16, 08:08
You volunteering Hagge? I mean we would do live streams with commentators of all games if we had any commentators, but as it is now we only have "two", Phil and Peppe - Phil is on american time and not always available when the games are played, and Peppe is on WoW time.
2009-04-16, 09:24
I don't have any experience in commentating games, but maybe I could try it out at some point of time However, I feel like there's noone that's able to do as good job as HangTime used to, sadly :/ He was born to commentate qw! Let's start the facebook group "Lets get HangTime back to commentating our qw games!!!" and maybe we will get him back?? Be
2009-04-16, 10:20
I'll support it! But HangTime is here, if it could be scheduled properly, I'm sure he would do it, but thats always the problem, getting teams to schedule games in advance, imho thats the biggest problem with QW atm.
2009-04-16, 10:40
"So expect to see G7 and other pro-circuit teams signing up for next EQL
fnatic, sk, 4kings, mouz - Just bring it"

Mr.Pessimist wonders what makes you think they would do that?
2009-04-16, 10:55
fest gob>all
2009-04-16, 11:14
I dont see why anyone would prefer fnatic and mouz over CMF and TVS

But guess when they eventually go inactive i guess the ones still playing could continue as some e-sports-multi-mega-team instead of taking in new players.
2009-04-16, 12:02
Ake Vader, because Mr. Internet Irony says so - thats why!

But as I've said before, I would love to see SK and 4Kings back on the scene with a QuakeWorld team, fnatic also for that matter as I'm a fnatic fan. But I wouldn't like the price to be either tVS, Slackers or some other team with a great history in the game.

Newer teams and future teams to come I wouldn't mind seeing them playing in somewhat Pro Team colors. But we have our own history and even if the lineups would be the same, the drama wouldn't
2009-04-16, 14:01
Two months before the summer, uh uh... Hopefully they will not lose interest after that.
2009-04-16, 14:58
we'll just have to make sure they don't!
2009-04-16, 18:25
This is great news
I'll make sure we have server releases during the summer
2009-04-16, 18:26
OMG, hell just froze over?! Who would have thought anyone with commercial interest cares about a 12 year old game!
2009-04-16, 19:57
2009-04-16, 19:59
Cool. Hope this brings in more players, maybe some more CPM players. Could use more people I could beat in duels :<
2009-04-16, 21:13
I vote PEKTOPAH for commentary!! F*kin greatest commentator ever ;D
2009-04-16, 21:33
lol pektopah? I have a hard time imaginating that Be
2009-04-16, 22:04
great news idd.
as johnny said, summer is coming, and thats a synonym of inactivity in qw. there should be all round leagues in the summer to keep the interest of new players that will probably come. qwdl and eql will end in may afaik. only fusion ca will be active.

so, we need start planning those summer leagues guys! more activity is always appreciated. get ready in #qwhelp and #qwrookie!
2009-04-16, 22:25
We can do single day cups during the summer, for different skill levels. Single day cups are better for new players as they play a lot of games on the same day. Where as when we had ignition half of the players lost interest before reaching the finish line.

If they get to play versus equally skilled players it's easier to get them to enjoy the game.

And for the active pro's we can have open cups, or divide people by QWDL's champ/pro/adv system
2009-04-16, 22:48
pektopah has the best voice and he also deploys ubercool music when there is a Q-run. wtb
2009-04-16, 22:52
Hello and thanks for the props Zalon.

I've worked a couple of weeks with the CEO in SK discussing this matter, and finally I got a green light. I'm really looking forward to this project, and try do my best to boost the QW-scene.

But, I can't do this without everyones help out there, please, try make more active cups, so QW doesn't die out on the SK-Gaming website.
Also, if you find stuff interesting to write as a news, such as new models or whatever, please contact me (Fisk) on channel #QW.

Also, if you're going to try make live shoutcasts, try schedule the matches a couple of days before, and also the exact url for the shoutcast, so I can make live streams show up on the SK-gaming.com website.

Anyway, wish me luck, I'll need it!
2009-04-17, 00:09
gl hf fisk
2009-04-17, 00:37
I hope this will go better than the last time SK started a retro qw clan.
2009-04-17, 02:12
soon after our comeback as a2k in 2004 we had an epic game vs SK on dm4 4on4..
2009-04-17, 10:15
#23 SK will not make a QW clan. We're just trying to help the scene to grow.
2009-04-17, 17:26
great stuff!! this increases my hopes of becoming a full-time working quakeplayer
2009-04-24, 06:45
hagge: yes, pektopah is good looking bruce buffer playing quake naked.

2009-04-26, 08:21
i hope they will not give up after they got owned
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