phil  /  13 Apr 2009, 13:21
Aerowalkage Grand Finals Soon
Finaly, after so much delay, when people least expected it, Aerowalkage is moving forward to the grand finals. In the early morning hours, when all the spectators were already asleep, I was able to watch in on the LB finals between BuLaT and kingpin, only because I am 8 hours before in the eastern time zone... Read more for spoilers or watch the demos
The first two games were close, with kingpin edging out by one or two frags, but it didn't seem like BuLaT was getting in his zone. In the third map, he got very confident and totally schooled kingpin with a flurry of frags, saving one match point making the 2-0 beating a 2-1 contest. The 4th map, however, turned out to be the final one in spectcular fashion; kingpin was leading quite comfortably and I was ready to say "gg" with about 3 minutes to go, when BuLaT suddenly turned it on and racked up something like 10 frags in 1 minute on his suddenly disoriented opponent. The locomotive from Ufa was able to tie it up, but ran out of steam against the swede, and was chased down for the deciding frag in the last seconds, out of armor, and out of chances.

It was a great LB final, and BuLaT has come a long way to become one of the most skilled players on the kenya maps (as we know, he has very few equals on ztndm3) (BuLaT and kingpin subsequently played their qwdl game, with BuLaT dominating ztndm3, kingpin barely getting a win on aero with 2 frags and saving his honour as the aerowalkage finalist, and then kingpin dancing around on even terms with BuLaT for a couple minutes on dm6 but it was BuLaT breaking through the defenses and owning in the second half to take the 2-1 victory to the Russian motherland)

The Grand Final will be played between

reppie - vs - kingpin

Kingpin has shown that if it is anyone who is ready to challenge reppie on this extremely fast paced map, it is he. We will have to wait and see (wait less than for BuLaT, hopefully) just how well kingpin has prepared himself; we all know he is very active recently. It is going to be a crazy show, and we still have to decide if it will be 2xBO5, 2xBO3, or BO5xBO3/BO3xBO5. Ultimately, whatever reppie and kingpin decide on, will be the format played, as they are the finalists and we are just lowly spectators

2009-04-13, 13:38
nice report but where's demos?!
2009-04-13, 13:53
I think you mean "take the 2-1 victory to Russia". That dm6 was hardrape, bulat style.
2009-04-13, 14:11
I remember seeing Kp and Bulat praccing Aero when the tourney started. Kp won the maps quite confident back then but after a couple of losses Bulat dropped, with the last line before dropping: "I win official!" I guess he was wrong this time even if he had put up a hell of a fight!
2009-04-13, 14:27
Aerowalkage demos here
and qwdl demos here
2009-04-13, 15:39
there are rumors going around that all this time that bulat was delaying the LB finals, he spent in a secret underground training facility getting steroids injected and undergoing strenuous testing against 10 identical clones of dag and griffin. (this underground facility previously was the site where ivan drago trained)

unfortunately, because dag and griffin blow on aerowalk, it totally threw off his game, and the steroids were not enough, although there was extreme power shown on map 3

p.s. oops, thx stev for the dm6 update. indeed, dm6 is probably bulat's topmap after ztn/aero, although i did beat him on dm6 when he had 200 ping MUAHAHAHAHAHA i own etc fyi kgb bbl kthx. (sassa watch out, new aslol in town)
2009-04-13, 16:11

thanks for the demo upload Stev.
please try and give demos first next time, reading the report is fine and stuff but it's more fun to watch the game and not know who wins.
2009-04-13, 22:18
announce exact time of the final here plz
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