JohnNy_cz  /  5 Apr 2009, 12:22
EQL9: Two weeks before Playoff
There are exactly two weeks remaining in the Group Stage in European Quake League 9. Let's review how are the top clans doing at this moment and which future matches can change the final standings in Division 1 before the Playoff.

1. Clan Malfunction (28 pts, 0 games left)
2. Druidz (27 pts, 2 games left)
3. the Viper Squad (24 pts, 4 games left)
4. Slackers (21 pts, 5 games left)
5. Oblivion (16 pts, 4 games left)
6. Bear Beer Balalaika (15 pts, 7 games left)
That's the top six teams at the moment which have decent chance making it into playoffs where the top eight four eigth teams will fight.
Update: Rules mentioned 4 teams only before, but were updated today

Even if Clan Malfunction (usual lineup fifi, fix, hlt, mazer) have the first spot right now, they have already played all their games, lost quite a few maps, and other teams will play lots of their games in following two weeks. So which teams pose a threat to their first place?

Certainly Druidz (core players bps, razor, reppie), they only need to play their two remaining matches and two points for participation is enough to end above CMF.

The Viper Squad ( blAze, Imhinen, Milton, Xantom), the Finnish clan that rules QuakeWorld 4on4 for quite some time now, with one of the best Swedish teamplayers filling the fourth slot they are an ultimalte challenge to every other team in division 1.
They haven't lost a single map in this tournament yet so one of their remaining matches - against Slackers will be a real thriller.

Slackers (base lineup mille, murdoc, ParadokS, zero) have only lost one map against Druidz and another one against CMF, but with six unplayed matches, they have very good potential to move from the fourth place and end somewhere among the top three and their matches will most probably get the most attention by the observers in the following days.

Oblivion ( djevulsk, eta-beta, hagge, ok98) are the only clan from the top six which has more lost maps than won maps on their account at the moment. But in their four to-be-played matches they have a good chance to change this and it will be interesting to see how they handle it.

Bear Beer Balalaika (core: B1aze, Gor, xn) - last in our review, but with the biggest potential to move a couple of spots to the top in the following two weeks. They have already defeated Oblivion and Clan Malfunction, and have six matches left.
Three of them are against clans Druidz, Slackers and The Viper Squad.

These three matches together with the already mentioned TVS vs. Slackers should get your attention if you want to see some top 4on4 games in following 2 weeks.

Have fun!

EQL9 Division 1 Standings
2009-04-05, 15:05
Top 8 teams in playoffs?!
This is from EQL9 rules: Playoffs: 2 weeks, top 4 teams from each division.
If you say it's 8 then ok, but rules says something else (probably by mistake).
2009-04-05, 16:30
Whops, that's a terrible mistake by me. I looked at the tables and assumed the blue line there denotes which teams reach playoffs and which do not. Thanks for noticing.
2009-04-05, 17:34
wtf?!? you were not the only one who thought so johnny..if only we would have known...we might have behaved abit different on some of the games that took place after halfway of the season as we thought we were safe.

well as it turns out we wont be playing the playoffs after all.
2009-04-05, 17:53
Hehe would serve right for those who make games into jokes. I hope top-4 sticks, would also make groupgames more meaningful.
2009-04-05, 18:05
care to explain abit further blaze? whos beeing funny?
2009-04-05, 19:22
I have to remind you I was the only one who laughed hard when tVS threw out their "We would certainly do the same"-card after some cMF game this season. Guess who's still laughing.

tVS is the only professional clan in qw since 2001. Back then there were couple more.
2009-04-05, 19:40
wow. A badly misplaced line in the division tables it seems. I was convinced it was the first 8. Maybe my mistake by not reading the entire rules, but still why the fuck is that line there? :/
2009-04-05, 19:53
why not make it top6.

top2 directly to semis and 3vs6 and 4vs5 in quarter.
2009-04-05, 19:59
I think everyone assumed the blue line indicated who went to playoffs and who didn't. What other purpose could the line possibly have? Also, top4 into playoffs would be pretty lame since that would mean there are 7-8 clans in div1 that have absolutely no chance of reaching playoffs no matter how hard they try. I enjoy the concept of large groups and I don't mind not reaching anything, but from a purely motivational point of view, it sucks to have no goal whatsoever. If only the top4 go to playoffs, then what is there to be even try and achieve for clans such as Suddendeath, Dies Ater, Vagabond, Oblivion, Hippushnik, Axemen, Fusion or Quakeklan - not to mention the clans in the other divisions.

blAze wrote:
I hope top-4 sticks, would also make groupgames more meaningful.

Yeah, it would make the group stages more meaningful for the best 5-6 clans while meanwhile making it pointless for all others.

I'm assuming they simply forgot to change the rules after switching to the "big groups" concept. At least I hope so.
2009-04-05, 20:19
It's officially 8 teams now. So no excuses for CMF if they don't win this whole thing, k?
2009-04-05, 20:27
soma I can see your point. Maybe top-6 would be a good compromise leaving at least one spot to fight over for the weaker teams. On the other hand stronger teams couldn't slack too much unlike now when u can take easy wins of the weak teams and the rest of the games mean nothing, you don't even need to play them.
2009-04-05, 21:06
blAze wrote:
Hehe would serve right for those who make games into jokes. I hope top-4 sticks, would also make groupgames more meaningful.

I agree with your, should be top4 to make the groupgames more meaningful and then in the semifinals have bo5 games
2009-04-05, 21:06
ps. but I guess its to late now that they got the message out that top8 goes through
2009-04-06, 03:21
Yeah blAze, I see your point too. Sure it would be cool if everything went on a little more 'professional', where even the top clans actually HAVE To prac to get a (good) playoff spot, which would surely motivate them to play more too, seen as frag difference, maps lost, etc could suddenly make a difference.
But if you advocate large groups (which you did), then you kinda have to pay the 'price' for it too. Can't have everything.
2009-04-06, 05:54
I just think groupgames is the main bulk of a league and playoffs just the ending climax. Can't fully understand your viewpoint either. If your goal is not to win, why are you even playing. Can't see much difference in simply trying to end up as high as possible or getting to playoffs just to drop there as a goal. Not much of a goal if almost everyone goes to playoffs anyway.
2009-04-06, 05:59
cmf in the lead! all other clans just stand back and admire!
2009-04-06, 07:22
If all clans only played to win the league, there would only be one or maybe two clans in div 1, as everyone knows that TVS will win it. So we need clans which plays to get better and learn from the best, so that they in the next season can pose a greater threat for the mighty TVS
2009-04-06, 07:40
With such an attitude no wonder you don't win. Just look at yesterdays tvs - 3b, they were just a few frags away from winning. And no one in div1 probably thinks that it's impossible to win 3b do they?
2009-04-06, 11:11
It has nothing to do with attitude blaze. It's being realistic.
Teams like slackers/druidz/cmf and 3b know that they have a chance vs tVS so they will most certainly play to win, but any other team simply does not have a chance.
Ofcourse they will play to win, but you can't blame them for thinking that they can't win. Simply because they are realistic and not naive and stupid.

If everyone should have the attitude to win their division how low should the morale of for example Mob of Oddballs be? They get smacked and raped most of time, but because they just play for fun it's still fun. Sure they want to improve and sure they hope they can beat some other lower div3 teams, but they know they are at the bottom. Then why the hell is there something wrong with their attitude if they ain't trying to win div3? They ain't retards

Your comments are a bit easy when your playing in the best team of the last 2-3 years.
2009-04-06, 11:15
Oh and let's hope tVS will lose a map more often. Or maybe a match. It would only be good for qw. It's not that I don't like you guys. Hell no you deserved every win so far, but it sure would be nice if we were gonna see a thriller final soon
2009-04-06, 11:40
Just because you probably won't win, doesn't mean you can't play to win. Doing any less is a disservice to your teammates and a waste of your opponents' time.
2009-04-06, 11:57
whimp wrote:
as everyone knows that TVS will win it

Slackers will win
2009-04-06, 12:16
Kwibus my team wasn't the best for many many years, but the only goal I ever had was to win the league realistic or not. For me it never made any difference if we were the last or dropped at semis.
2009-04-06, 16:45
I know the qw history. When I wasn't playing I was atleast following it

My post is way too long and not making things clear. I fully agree with Stev, but I was just trying to point out that the comment by blaze on whimp is a bit too easy. Whimp also plays to win, just like everyone. Sometimes tho, it's a fact that you will lose.
If i'm going to play reppie I know I will lose. Sure I will try to make the best of it, but thinking of winning is a bit ridiculous ok?
2009-04-06, 17:51
I hope the current system (big divisions, 8 team playoffs) will live to see at least another season. From my point of view this has been the most fun season since the NQR-season which featured 12 (or was it 13?) teams in each division. Games have been easy to arrange as a good portion of the teams tried to follow the schedule.

As for the actual playing, I've enjoyed playing against so many different styles and skill-levels. This view is obviously a bit subjective since my team is in a nice position: we can steal a map from the top teams on a good day and also lose to the other teams if it's a bad day. And yes, I believe that by not fielding our #1 line-up in some games the opponents probably have more fun and are more likely to remain active, and therefor continue improving to being closer to the top of division 1 in the following seasons

p.s. when is sr vs tvs??
2009-04-06, 18:23
i also like many clans in each division, and top8 to playoff... i hope it stays.. i mean groupgames is still meaningful cause it determine who you will play in the playoff.. and the prestige to end up 1st! if it only were about GETTING to playoff it would always only matter for the few clans around the border. and that isnt the case imo!
if it would have been like that we will have to make it top2 to playoff if it is gonna be interesting for tvs..
i see the season as fun games to play but u can still take them seriously and try everything to win.. but playoff is when it TRULY begins to get competetive
2009-04-06, 18:25
and it also means an extra playoff game!
2009-04-06, 19:39
marklar wrote:
p.s. when is sr vs tvs??

My question aswell!!!
2009-04-06, 19:48
i guess they dont want to turn the game in to a joke, as xantom seems to be unavailable
but on the other hand playing vs [o] with diki is serious bussiness, no joking at all. :/
2009-04-06, 20:44
sr - tvs is scheduled for wed 20:00 cet. Maybe we will make it an interesting and fun game and put maga, mirage and elec against SR. When SR wins that I bet they will be really satisfied of their great performance winning the previous champs and specs too will get their moneys worth with two top teams competing like that.
2009-04-06, 21:30
We want blAze, Imhinen, Milton and Diki! Using XantoM is cheating, he isn't finnish!
2009-04-06, 21:47
We took XantoM because Diki said he is no longer interested in 4on4. If XantoM is able to play it would be unfair not to field him. Of course it's nice that Diki agreed to help us get some games played when we weren't 4 otherwise.
2009-04-06, 22:39
Diki was lying, everyone is interested in 4on4
2009-04-07, 09:25
diki was lying, he plays 4on4 daily
2009-04-07, 09:39
yes sassa, but only mix Be

we sure do hope to make some suprises for the playoffs \o/ and I have to agree with fifi about this system being the best.. we get a lot of games and playoffs starting with quarter finals are always the best!
2009-04-07, 10:39
I understand BlAze and I dont take any offence by his comment. He is in the top of the qw scene and I am in the bottom, but trust me, when I play I play to win every single time no matter who the opponent is Fortunately, my job, my wife and two kids (and my obvious lack of talent) refrains me from being as good as BlAze and the rest of the div0-2 players. Howver, I truly enjoy watching players like BlAze playing this game with a level of skill I never will be able to reach. Its a bit like watching the great football or tennisplayers of our time. Therefore, BlAze and other Div Zero players keep up the good form and display your amazing skills and give us some GGs!! Over and out.
2009-04-07, 13:27
maybe you should stop playing and devote yourself to coaching your kids into become the next generation of div0 players?
2009-04-07, 21:21
Oh my! Just when you think Hagge only ever talks shit he comes up with the most brilliant idea ever! I say we gather all Quakers with kids and start a childrens division in EQL10. Then we assign one tVS player to every kids-clan and help them coach the brats into perfection! IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING!!!!111111
2009-04-08, 05:52
Diki plays 4on4 mix, but not with tVS? Well, I dont blame him! Who would want to play with those fuckers!!!
2009-04-08, 07:36
having 8 teams go into the playoffs makes it important to end high in the table.
because you get to play vs a low placed (and possibly less skilled) clan in the first playoff game. even if your team is tvs, drz, sr, 3b or cmf i bet you want to be top4 so that you dont have to play any of these teams in the first game
2009-04-08, 08:18
correct hooraytio, and since there is 5 teams that might more or less take a spot in the final, it becomes very important to finish in top3 and therefor not meeting a div0 team.. can't get much better than top8 to playoffs

soma, plz got get some sleep
2009-04-08, 23:54
yeah top3 ofc since #4 will face #5 and we have 5 kinda good teams
2009-04-08, 23:55
it will be interesting to see what teams will join the 5 top teams for the final 3 spots tho
2009-04-09, 02:00
Don't count us out yet. Working on getting our teamplay together with some change in playstyle, and we have 4 games left to play! DA, HIPS, SR and 3B. And btw Johnny_cz, time to update the post a bit, since Vagabond has been removed and points removed from clans that played vs them. (Oblivion and CMF).

And ofcourse groupgames matters for the playoffs, ending up on 8th place means you have to face the winner of the division in quarter finals, etc

Btw, sorry about the miss in the rules regarding playoffs, must have happened during the total remake of the rules. Hopefully the blue line in each div has been what people have followed.
2009-04-09, 09:05
what's demanded for a walkover? some teams in div1 just really don't seem to want to play their games
2009-04-09, 11:10
it's kinda impossible to schedule the game DRz vs. 3B.
2009-04-09, 16:08
same goes for slackers vs hips
2009-04-09, 16:27
Same goes for ~da~ vs hips, SD and axemen. The only clan I'm confident we'll still get to play against is Quakeklan.
2009-04-10, 08:43
exactly the clans we are also having a problem with soma! I'm quite confident the game vs axemen will be played though, but I just dunno about the rest..
2009-04-10, 10:02
Why complaining here? Contact your admin.
2009-04-10, 13:31
this felt like a good place to ventilate
2009-04-10, 14:44
it's all bps's fault! he tricked us into believing this was the official complaining place!
2009-04-10, 20:36
id like to take this opportunity to thank all admins for a great season!
2009-04-12, 09:25
I miss
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