JohnNy_cz  /  3 Apr 2009, 12:37
Fusion - Clan Arena League
A new Clan Arena league by Claw is about to launch soon.

Website: Fusion - Clan Arena League
IRC: #qwca.fusion
Divisions: Australia, Brazil, Europe, North America
Teams: 3on3
Sign-ups: preliminary, current teams
Maps: dm2, dm3, a2, q3dm6qw, q1edge

What is Clan Arena and why to play it? ...
Why Clan Arena?
The results of the current poll on this site state that 89% of our visitors would like to see new/different game modes, new tournaments or new maps. Clan Arena brings you all of this.

What is Clan Arena?
Either read Stev's quite detailed post on the forum or wiki definition:

wiki wrote:
One of the gamemodes in QuakeWorld where two teams, usually of four players each, face each other. No items are on the map, and both teams start out with full health, armor, weapons and ammunition. When one player dies, he or she is out for the round. When every player from a particular team is out for the round, the round ends and the team with players still remaining gains a point.

Admins of the league are currently finishing a new mod to play Clan Arena in. Specific details are yet to be published, but beta version will be released in a week. It should contain new features and will be used in this league. That's also the reason why signups are not official yet.

But admins advise all players to start looking for teams and eventually to signup too.
2009-04-03, 15:10
Is Fusion gonna play in Fusion? GHAAARRHARRHAARRR
2009-04-03, 15:48
Hey hey, I want to be in a newbie Europe team
I'll sign-up a KTX team for those interested, div 5 if not rookie.

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2009-04-03, 15:48
find me on #qw-dev to team up

Edited by deurk on 03 Apr 09 @ 16:50CET
2009-04-03, 20:37
Axemen signed up!!!!
2009-04-04, 16:05
what about link this up? (eql, qwdl. gfx chtv etc bar)
2009-04-04, 19:06
its about time someone said that
2009-04-09, 09:19
i think the divs are divided in continents if im right? only one div in europe?
2009-04-09, 13:30
It seems so. It's a good thing the skill gap in a mod like ca isn't as wide as it is in dm.
2009-04-10, 23:22
still no linkage @top bar. someone try and contact Xantom?
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