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Quake Nations Cup - The Finals
The Quake Nations Cup 2009 in QuakeWorld has reached the final stage. This Sunday the final battle between Finland and Netherlands will happen.

The game is scheduled for 20:00 CEST and will be broadcasted on QuakeTV.
You can bet on the game on Goldrush.

Game is over!
Stream: Live

Commentators: Phil & Adde
Scores: (3:0) (full results) (demo) DM2: 242:137, E1M2: 297:140, DM3: 259:82

Read on for a small review of the two teams...
Finland, the best 4on4 nation in QuakeWorld for quite some time now, consists of the best players from clans The Viper Squad and clan MalFunction:
They are the only team in Quake Nations Cup that didn't lose a single map yet.

Netherlands, surprisingly the third team from the Base Group B, yet they did it into the very final stage. Four base players:
supported by Springs and Dragon.
After having troubles to field their best lineup in the base groups, they lost 1:2 to both Sweden and Norway (who will face each other in the Bronze match soon) they put up much better teamplay in the Play-offs and defeated first Russia 3:1 and Sweden 3:2.

Finland is very strong in "The Big Three" maps - dm3, dm2, e1m2. Netherlands on the other end defeated Sweden in the custom maps - cmt3 and cm4, so their chances are definitely in there and to win they must try to win also one of the TB3. Maybe e1m2, the map that's probably played the least by the Finns.

While Finland are definitely the favourites in this match, it's going to be very interesting and hopefully we will get some live commentary going on even for this match. Good luck and have fun!
2009-03-28, 00:35
Best of luck to the Netherlands, but I think we all know where the goldrush money is going on this one.
2009-03-28, 11:46
Ehhm Stev, no you dont .. Good luck to both teams, hope we will get to see a great match!
2009-03-28, 12:12
Hope it goes to five match, but too bad two of those will be CMT maps then Can't the teams if they want to, choose to only play tb3? And if they play cmt I don't think the dutchmens have an advantage considering I have seen a lot of cmt praccing from TVS, and the TVS guys are usually really good on kenya maps in general! All in all it will probably be a very even game, but I think Finland will have the upper hand, and take it home 3-1!
2009-03-28, 17:38
If the Netherlands take one map, then I will be happy
2009-03-28, 18:00
Just because you don't know the maps, doesn't mean they won't be good games, Hagge. It's still quakeworld, and the team that plays the best will still win.
2009-03-28, 18:01
I know the maps, I just don't like them
2009-03-28, 18:19
That's reasonable, but that doesn't mean they're bad maps! And a map pool of 5 is better than a pool of 3, especially when it comes to best-of-5 playoffs.
2009-03-28, 18:39
"Can't the teams if they want to, choose to only play tb3?" I don't know if you're being serious here, but given the quite high amount of leagues where map pool of 5 was used and given how great the final matches in these maps were, let me just say that this proposal seems to me no different from a proposal like "Can't the teams if they want to, choose to only play dm3?" The answer to both is: Of course not.

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2009-03-28, 23:21
where demos ?:<
2009-03-29, 11:12
The match is not play until tonight
2009-03-29, 12:14
can't wait, can't wait...
2009-03-29, 12:52
I totally agree with Stev. BO5 games with only three maps suck. Even in BO3 games it would be nice to have a mappool of five maps. With a bigger mappool, preferably consisting of new maps, clans and players would be actually forced to learn something new. It would be interesting to see if the same clans still owned or do they win nowadays only because they know three maps out of thousands.
2009-03-29, 13:00
Well, I understand, that what Milton means is that this turnament is also about how fast will teams adopt to new maps, that they don't know as good as TB3, right? It does make sens for me. Otherway - why no one plays other old, good maps, DM6 for instance - these days? (BTW. those two new maps are not in half as good as DM6 for me, but i understand that it would be nice to start playin' on some new maps...)
2009-03-29, 13:17
DM6 is way too small for 4on4
2009-03-29, 15:14
aghh maybe you ar right!
2009-03-29, 19:34
2009-03-29, 19:35
Thats correct:!DemosCollection.QW/!!!2009/NCR_NL_vs_Fin_Final.rar
2009-03-29, 19:37
Great games!

Spzman - thanx for the demos!
2009-03-29, 20:34
demos with commentary already on
2009-03-29, 20:57
Milton has spoken. Adjust rules in upcoming tournaments.
2009-03-30, 14:21
Sassa how come you are using the old chtv? Try

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2009-03-30, 14:33
Screenshots anywhere?
2009-03-30, 15:38
phil, the old one runs faster than the new one!
2009-03-30, 15:51
2009-04-01, 04:56
QQ well, 2nd isnīt that bad! GG guys!
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