phil  /  25 Mar 2009, 13:06
Aerowalkage Finals
Three of the top positions, two of the top games, and one aerowalk tourney all have to be completed in the upcoming days in order to crown the one and only Aerowalk King. Five years ago when Apokalypze's Aerowalk Tourney was one of it's kind, it was Gamer along with half a dozen of other finns in charge of Aerowalk. Now, the only top finn left is fifi, and here are the rest of them:
Fighting for top three: reppie, kingpin, BuLaT
4. LocKtar
5-6. xpr
5-6. fifi
7-8. edvin
7-8. serp
9-12. Creature
9-12. B1aze
9-12. ass
9-12. bps

As you can see, the Russians have made a strong showing, and I still think BuLaT is able to take a map or two from reppie, or maybe even the whole thing. He will have to get through kingpin first, who has been topping out at the stats pages, practicing aero before he was able to potty train...

May the best humanoid win!
2009-03-25, 14:33
GO KP GO!! Be!
2009-03-25, 16:09
I like kingpin's gameplay the most to watch, he's 100% concentrated and always attacks the enemy whenever possible. GL all!
2009-03-25, 16:50
Reppie will win this! I bet on him!
2009-03-25, 17:14
bulat game
bulat strong
bulat all
2009-03-25, 17:46
gotta love bulat. would bet my money on reppie though. kp been playing alot lately as well, so this seems quite open gonna be fun to watch
2009-03-27, 00:50
2009-03-27, 01:00
bulat ! :p
2009-03-27, 01:25
polcarstva za nastroiku flaga! :>
2009-03-27, 15:02
KP look nice, but Reppie plays harder.
So i bet on Bulat

devil: "manage your profile" svernu sleva, tam ishi
2009-04-03, 09:24
KP you can do it! Eat some candy before the games :>
2009-04-11, 09:41
lol, reppie will DEMOLISH when he needs to.
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