JohnNy_cz  /  16 Mar 2009, 10:44
Lan Party LanCraft@Czech Republic
Where: Czech Republic, Rymarov - map
When: 10.4. - 12.4. 2009 (Friday - Sunday) - 25 days left
Entry fee: 400 Kc (~16 euro)
Type: BYOC
Games: Q3A, CS, Q4, QuakeWorld
Participants count: 100 - 200 total, ~16 QuakeWorld
Web: LanCraft FPS Spring 2k9
Read on for more info...
The current amount of QuakeWorld players is very low - 6 - but the capacity is 16 or even more. So everyone is highly welcomed on this event!

There will be 1on1 tournament and optionally 2on2 tournament too.

If you plan to participate, please register on the web so that you appear on this list of players.

Other links:
ESR news
2009-03-16, 10:48
If you have any questions, feel free to ask here, I'll try to answer. Also if you'd participate "only if more players participated", please leave a note here so that everyone knows there actually is some interest thnx
2009-03-16, 13:21
sure i'm interested. I just wrote a letter to the hungarian q3 participants. If still there's place in their car im in
2009-03-16, 16:16
Wrote about this on the forum aswell @
2009-03-16, 17:24
I just felt really eager to sign up! Never been to Czech, and it would be fun to go out for some travelling... I guess I have to think about my wallet first, since I'm quite broke after my recent Val d'Isere trip Any ideas on what this could cost with flight from Stockholm (Arlanda)? cheers
2009-03-16, 23:33
bps you are going to get robbed and raped
2009-03-17, 10:08
400 Kc, take into account that in a couple of weeks it'll be even less euro we all know how our currencies suck nowadays!
2009-03-17, 16:44
Don't you watch Hostel I,II? Ah, it was Slovakia
2009-03-18, 11:30
Czech Rep. = hot chicks, everyone should go there no matter how much it costs
2009-03-18, 13:58
haha yeah, someone told me czech republic has the hottest slavic chics! someone pick me up and drive me there!
2009-03-30, 20:11
I had to cancel my participation, only 5 players promised to come, it's less than 14 days until the start. Sorry.
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