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JohnNy_cz  /  12 Mar 2009, 21:29
ezQuake 1.9.3 stable
A month passed since 1.9.3 beta and today we've released final stable builds. This time for all platforms at one time!
The changes from 1.9.3 beta are close to none as there have been only two really minor bugfixes.
Changelog | Download

To the recapitulate most important changes in 1.9.3 ...
- new f_ruleset reply - removes the need for all other f_* checks
- more strict movement scripts protection with keeping "strafe script" functionality via cl_iDrive
- in_raw_allbuttons - helps get more mouse buttons working in the game for some users

Thanks goes to all the testers out there who already use 1.9.3 beta and to all the devs who helped compiling on all the platforms.
2009-03-12, 23:42
Cool changes!
2009-03-13, 10:05
Damn you guys work realy fast! New relese all the time! Thanks for all the time you put in to this!
2009-03-13, 10:45
2009-03-13, 15:30
The QW-scene has some really talented developers!
Nice work as always!
2009-03-13, 15:33
|o/ ezquake \o|
2009-03-13, 18:29
good job.
2009-03-13, 23:38
ye works fine for me, perfect work
i love it that developers really want clear all bugs.
nice work!
2009-03-14, 09:30
mucho thank you!
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