phil  /  2 Mar 2009, 19:52
Aerowalkage Semi-Finals
First, I want to give a big thanks to my head admins: kingpin, JohnNy_cz, VVD, and zappater. They've helped me considerably to run this tourney as smoothly as possible. It would not have been possible without them.
Quarterfinals are almost over, the deadline being today and only LocKtar and ass/delitel left to play their game in the upper bracket. Reppie will face the winner of that match-up, while the other semi-final will be decided between marklar/fifi and Bulat. Oh my god.

In the lower bracket we have a flurry of activity after some earlier rounds which were heavy with walkovers. There are some big names that are still in the fight, such as B1aze, bps, kingpin, xpr. I expect no more walkovers (and will be very very dissapointed if there are any more...) in this late stage of the tournament, because every game will be worth not only playing, but watching! Best of luck to all!

Aerowalkage main
2009-03-04, 00:50
nice ! I'm already looking forward to another Aero tournament... maybe twice a year?

like let's have one on summer or the fall

im coming for reppie from LB!
2009-03-04, 02:28
BE, kingpin. BE.
2009-03-04, 06:41
it's true what they all say, kingpin is really crazy ((
2009-03-05, 20:37
i want my next tournament to be a full length (not oneday) ID3 tournament of: dm2, dm4, dm6.
2009-03-06, 00:46
Kingpin \o/
2009-03-06, 14:06
I'd like to see a tournament where the maps would be dm2 dm4 and aerowalk. Fuck dm6 it just plain sucks ass with no-ammo policy and shitty green armor and what the hell is ztndm3? I've never played it and neither should you
2009-03-06, 14:20
you won't see agreement from me since dm6 and ztndm3 are my two most favorite maps
2009-03-07, 07:33
Reppie is obviously the best aerowalk player ever in the universe.
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