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Quake Nations Cup 2009: Play-off
Last round of the Base Groups was finished yesterday, the play off stage will start this Sunday with Quarterfinals being played.

Base Groups Results
Play Off Tree

Two exciting matches were played in the last round of the Base Groups...
Sweden vs. Norway | full results
This match was to decide who ends first and who ends second in the Group B and Norway performed great in this group so far, so this match got lots of attention. In first round e1m2 Norwegians tried to disrupt Swedish defense at Yellow armor, however smooth moves of bps didn't allow Norway take control of this area despite some nice Quad runs by Arnette.
In the half of the second round - dm3 - Norway was leading by 30 frags but the third pentagram went for Sweden together with the Quad Damage and caused a quick exchange of control over the Red Armor area and due to this Norway entered the fight for following Quad too late. Later razor killed rikoll, the only Norwegian player equipped with Rocket Launcher while he was sneaking out of lifts. This and fourth Pentagram going for Sweden gave total control over the map for the last five minutes to Sweden and so they won the whole match 2:0.

Russia vs. Poland | full results
Both teams had 8 points before this match so this was the decider for the second place in the Group A.
It turned out to be quite a close match, Poland surprised with good performance in cmt3, but Russia felt a little more safe in here . they've already played this map in this tournament.
Quads in the second round - dm3 - were divided equally between the teams, however good Red Armor control lead to Russia scoring twice as much frags in the end.

The other two matches - Finland vs. Germany and Netherlands vs. Hungary - resulted in walk-overs (the only two walk-overs in this tournament), and didn't change the standings in the groups anyhow.

Final standings in the groups:
Group A
1. Finland - 16 points
2. Russia - 12 points
3. Poland - 8 points
4. Germany - 4 points
5. Czech Republic - 0 points

Group B
1. Sweden - 15 points
2. Norway - 10 points
3. Netherlands - 10 points
4. Denmark - 4 points
5. Hungary - 1 point

Play Off Tree
2009-03-02, 15:37
You forgot to mention my took 3 rl and killed 13 on e1m2 . I was the shit!
2009-03-02, 16:21
8 Mar 2009 20:00 CET

Is it the joke?
Its official holiday.
2009-03-02, 17:14
B1aze yeah is Women´s Day in China... so you only need to work 1/2 day.. more time for qw!
2009-03-02, 18:50
It's a holiday? Woohoo, no work on Sunday! Wait... what?
2009-03-02, 18:58
I think most russians will be unable to play at 8th of March.
2009-03-02, 19:36
Why would it be a joke? Info and rules mention exactly that matches are played each Sunday.
Russia is of course free to suggest re-schedule. So far noone contacted me in this matter though.
2009-03-03, 08:17
it seems like they rather spend there team whining about it here, than actually doing something about it
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