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Nations Cup: Before Last Round
A quick summary of round 4 results of the QuakeWorld Nations Cup 2009, together with an analysys of what the final standings in the base group might look like after the last round which will be played this Sunday.

Which teams will make it to the playoffs, what can we expect from the matches that will be played this Sunday?
Czech republic vs. Russia full results
Confident win with large frag margin for Russia, confirmed 5th place for Czech Republic and their ending in this tournament, as only 4 teams proceed to play-offs. Russia on the other hand is on a good way to end second in this group. If they play their usual performance, they have a clear potential to win against Poland and decide the current draw in the scores of this two teams. Russia vs. Poland however might turn into quite close match.

Germany vs. Poland full results
After victory over the Czechs, Polish players strike again, ensuring us that they take their comeback to Nations Cup seriously with two +90 frags wins in this nice match with many close fights. Quad control in dm3 and blasphemer playing very good game in e1m2 again were probably the keys to the victory.
Germany has a very tough match to play this Sunday, they will face Finland, but they can already be sure of the 4rd place in this group.
And it's no big surprise to anyone that Finland is most probably going to win this group, so far undefeated in any single map.

Denmark vs. Norway full results
Norway was the team which got the most spectators this week. This re-scheduled match started with Arnette dominating absolutely and completely in e1m2, securing more than +175 frags victory for his team.
However Denmark didn't give up at all after this. In the next map, dm3, tight and nice to watch match, ParadokS lead his team into winning this one. Quads were divided equally between both teams, so were the armors, but Denmark managed to do much more damage to the Norwegians.
After this turn over in the performance came another one - third map cmt3 was in full control of Norway, with Quaded Arnette cleaning the map from any serious threats for most of the time. - 2:1 for Norway.
This way Denmark is most probably going to end 4th in this group as they've played all their matches already. So after playing Sweden they are going to face Finland in the first round of play-offs. This will certainly be a big mind challenge for the Danes.

Netherland vs. Norway full results
For some of us the biggest surprise in this tournament so far and very exciting match for all. Netherlands ended second in last QWNC and Norway has put up quite a strong team this year while they didn't participate last year at all. The outcome of the first round - dm3 - was suggesting that this match is going to end 2:0 for Netherlands - they won it by more than 100 frags margin with much better armor control and dealt damage.
The second round though, e1m2, was something completely different - one of those drastically quick e1m2 rounds where both teams score more than 200 frags and every little mistake makes a difference. Close win for Norway here. And if second round was quite close, the third one was a real thriller. Less than 10 frags difference in the final score, both team about 200 frags, map cmt4 played for the first time in this tournament.
And the drama only starts here, because this result made the standings in the group B quite close.

Netherlands are going to face Hungary - team which ended in very hard group and had hard time in all their matches, and fighting Netherlands will not be any different.

Denmark vs. Sweden
Quite close fights in both rounds - dm2 164 - 219, dm3 159 - 199 with ParadokS and bps scoring the most frags for their teams. Thumbs up to Denmark for such a great performance, another very nice return to Nations Cup tournament. Sadly the Swedish captain votary yet again ignored the requirement to report the match results with demos, and demos are already gone from the server, so there are no more stats available.

Last match that is going to be played this Sunday is Norway vs. Sweden and this is probably going to attract the most spectators because the points among the 3 top teams in group B at the moment are this:
Sweden 11
Norway 10
Netherlands 6
Norway needs to win the match if they want to win the group, on the other hand they are not going to end worse than second - by winning Netherlands they already ensured that Netherlands will end third.

So to recapitulate matches that we will see this sunday:
1 Mar 2009 19:00 CET
Finland vs. Germany
Poland vs. Russia
1 Mar 2009 20:00 CET
Hungary vs. Netherlands
Norway vs. Sweden

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2009-02-26, 18:08
its all part of the plan now we don't have to face finland or sweden in semi finals \0/
2009-02-26, 18:15
good gameplan! do anything to win! like how you think!
2009-02-26, 18:49
Sweden vs Denmark demos at CHTV
2009-02-26, 19:06
murdoc sure is a sneaky one Be the thing that impressed me the most was rikolls performance on e1m2.. he was definately the key to the norweigan victory on that map! correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he just get back to qw from many years of break? if so, then I'm more than impressed
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