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Nations Cup Round 3 and 4
This Sunday following matches will be played in QuakeWorld Nations Cup 2009:
22 Feb 2009 19:00 CET
Denmark vs. Sweden
Netherlands vs. Norway
22 Feb 2009 20:00
Czech Republic vs. Russia
Germany vs. Poland
22 Feb 2009 20:45 CET
Denmark vs. Norway * rescheduled match from Round 3
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In Round 3 last Sunday only 3 matches were played, teams Denmark and Norway rescheduled their match to this Sunday.

Round 3 Summary follows: ...
Czech Republic vs. Poland
First map dm3 was under domination of the Poles. Even if Czechs managed to break through their defense at Red Armor, Poland regained control quite quickly. In the second map - e1m2 - Blsp was the most valuable player for Poland. The Czechs put up a better resistance here, they had important areas under their control, yet Poland managed to launch very good attacks on Quad from Megahealth area and was fragging more efficiently and won even this map.
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Finland vs. Russia
Finland dominated the first map dm3, after which the Russians chose to play less common map cmt3, where they performed a bit better. However it was not enough, Milton achieved more than 100 frags even in this map, being the only player who had over 100 frags in both maps and was one of the main reasons why Finland won whole match 2:0.
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Sweden vs. Hungary
Sweden confirmed they are one of the favourites in this tournament and secured victory with more than 200 frags difference in both maps, with Molle scoring over 90% efficiency in both.
Results, stats, demos

Special "Nice & Smooth" award goes to the team Finland for both great performance and exemplary cooperation with the admin team.

Zappater has become first QWNC co-admin.

QuakeWorld Nations Cup 2009
2009-02-19, 16:47
As usual nice review!
2009-02-19, 20:06
Very nice roundup once again. That kind of weekly roundup should be a part of every league. I think the management of QNC QW has been taken care of very nicely this year, hopefully all the way.
2009-02-20, 11:10
gotta agree with blaze, great work! seems like some of the games might be quite interesting in this round.. will be interesting what the norweigan axeman can do against the dutchies, quite a lot I actually think.. they have been praccing a lot lately and are looking fairly strong atm, while the dutchies have a bit of problems getting a good 4th player.. germany vs poland should also be a nice and tight game!
2009-02-22, 22:12
can't upload demos to chtv.
chtv is down atm.
2009-02-24, 15:13
ggs Poland!!!
2009-02-24, 15:53
Great win from Norway vs Netherlands! did´t expect that outcome! Will be a great battle between Norway vs Sweden! Hope Arnette will make is back from Paris to gametime so we can have a good fight!
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