JohnNy_cz  /  2 Feb 2009, 11:27
Nations Cup Round 1 Results
Four matches were played yesterday in QuakeWorld Nations Cup 2009.

Close battles have been seen in matches Czech Republic vs. Germany and Hungary vs. Norway.
Finalists of previous Nations Cup - Netherlands and Finland achieved confident win vs. Denmark / Poland.

In other news, the German team has added players 123 and Spoink into their roster and team Poland has added player Insane.

Full results, demos, stats and reports
2009-02-02, 16:10
Boomsticker award goes to [fin]blAze for 59.4 shotgun percentage

2009-02-03, 02:35
Well done blaze! Welcome to the club, for us over 50%
2009-02-03, 14:12
Add cuky and his 50% LG too then. He managed to fire exactly 2 cells from his LG before I teamkilled him :E
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