phil  /  23 Jan 2009, 01:50
Every day we hear it: "Quake is dead" ... and yet I am pleased to see so many people have already signed up for Aerowalkage! And this is for a single-map tourney on kenya! (Do you have a better title for the tourney? Please tell us in the comments.)

I am seeding players based on their division in the first season of the QWDL, and randomly within their QWDL divisions except for division 0 and 1 which I seeded using my judgement of their aerowalk performance in QWDL, and/or other tournaments. There are some big names already signed up (and some missing... go slap them!) such as reppie, marklar, Bulat, LocKtar, bps, xpr and kingpin.

You think you have what it takes to challenge these guys (and 60+ others) for the Aerowalkage title? Maybe you just want a chance to see how you would do in The Real Deal, and not some prac game? Everyone is invited to sign-up. If you don't have a login, get one. The last day to sign up will be Monday, January 26th according to server time (check server time on bottom of webpage) and the first round will commence immediately after sign-ups are closed. Winner bracket rounds will be one week in duration. Lycka till!
2009-01-23, 06:29
2009-01-23, 07:55
2009-01-23, 08:08
You forgot to mention me phil, everybody knows that I'm gonna take the victory in this one Be
2009-01-23, 08:59
qw is dead
2009-01-23, 09:56
Nice to see so many signups. I bet my money on reppie (sorry hagge, wait I'm not sorry.)
2009-01-23, 11:24
2009-01-23, 12:36
all too easy
2009-01-23, 17:59
Fan att man bor i norge ;(
2009-01-23, 19:47
run, or die trying
2009-01-23, 22:45
Det er vel inga problem locust?!
2009-01-24, 01:25
xpr "the grenade launcher" will win this one, reppie will loose vs marklar that will loose vs bps that will face xpr in the finals!
2009-01-24, 10:42
finns ju bra servers i norge också sluta sug locust!
2009-02-22, 01:47
Aerowalkage, really? Wow
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