JohnNy_cz  /  14 Jan 2009, 20:13
Quake Nations Cup 2009
As was already announced on ESR, Quake Nations Cup 2009 is here. In other Quake series it has already started and QuakeWorld won't lag behind.

QuakeWorld Nations Cup will take place on February and March 2009, registrations will open in a few days. Head on to the new QWNC 2009 site to find out more. Basic info about team requirements and tourney system is already available.
2009-01-15, 06:52
It would be great if that tourney took place, but I'm worried that it might suffer because of EQL Season 9, also I'm not sure if there will be enough nation teams to start this. Will see! Gl for all!
2009-01-15, 06:56
I think EQL happening simultaneously is actually a good thing since people are never as active as during a league.
I do think the organisation might be a problem though. It's always hard to gather together a squad that doesn't share an IRC channel and stuff. Also, Luxembourg will not be able to field a team. Same pooh as usual.
2009-01-15, 09:16
I hope to see a team Finland without Anza this year
2009-01-15, 11:06
It's a really good thing with the strict schedule, every Sunday between 19 and 20. It makes it a lot easier to gather a team, cuz people will know if they are gonna be available the forthcoming Sundays.
2009-01-15, 15:07
hagge for swedish team \o/
2009-01-15, 15:28
Feels like a potential Finland team would consist only of players from tvs, a russian team of players from 3b and then Sweden as a mix of sd and drz, if players from la/fom and other prominent clans choose not to play. Will be interesting to see what team the Netherlands will be able to put together. Reppie, Murdoc, Mja and Skillah are still active? But what about players like Dragon and Purity?

Either way, it sure will be fun Looking forward to this tourney!
2009-01-15, 15:47
What about KOFF players?
2009-01-15, 15:53
I can try to gather a team for Finland. Diki most likely isn't playing so I'm thinking the same team as last time, me, ihminen, milton and fifi. Of course if anyone else from cmf, koff or elsewhere is interested, let me know.
2009-01-15, 20:38
I would love to see some more gamer action, or why not some eh ownage? or scenic smileys :I
2009-01-16, 06:54
what's swedens lineup?
2009-01-16, 08:31
i heard on irc that swe-lineup would most likely be the 3 best players (mix of sd/drz) + a secret wildcard
2009-01-16, 09:55
I'm not sure what about polish team, but our qw scene is quite dead, there's only few active players, but they are far from div1 or even 2. Players like Avenger, Insane, Billy, Eternal, lbn, Macler, Plast don't play anymore, so it's very sad. Maybe Demolition Crew will decide to play in that tourney like it was last time, but they are only div3...
2009-01-16, 10:33
SamoN: czech is about div50 so...
2009-01-16, 12:13
hungary even lower...
2009-01-16, 12:14
so that means it's impossible to win anything with div3 lineup, and it's not funny to be raped either
2009-01-16, 13:57
Plz..stop whine about the divs.. the divs has ruined the whole qw scene...
2009-01-16, 14:49
if weaker clans started playing against the better ones they would probably start learning faster and stop being stuck in the lower divisions what are you doing here writing? go play instead
2009-01-16, 14:54
ye right... :X
2009-01-16, 16:43
QW is diwhine!
2009-01-16, 17:31
Denmark is div4+para
2009-01-16, 17:52
Don't be a pansy, SamoN. Ireland, hungary and czech republic will be entering! I'm sure lots of other countries that lack div0 lineups will be signing up.

Every entry makes the tournament better!
2009-01-16, 18:20
DC might be div3 but they god damnit have a really nice teamplay!
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