Zalon  /  9 Jan 2009, 11:00
No more drama
As motivation in the qwdrama admin team has been declining for the past few months, and the fact that the domain is up for renewal, the team has decided to close the site.

But do not fear, as all the nice network sites that qwdrama produced and ran (gfx/wiki/goldrush) will continue to run, hosted here at

We've already started moving the sites, and the QuakeWorld GFX site is already functional. As an update, all other qwdrama sites is now hosted here.

The main qwdrama site will also be hosted by, and will be available as a archive of their content.

Follow this link to read qwdrama's announcement of their closure.
2009-01-09, 11:43
It was GG. The articles at QWDrama always were well written and a good read, and the quality stuff coming from Xantom has always been top notch too.
2009-01-09, 11:44
2009-01-09, 12:47
yeah, always good stuff from qwdrama.. actually visited the page just the other day and since there was no update for a long time I got the thought in my head that the page would be dead in just a day or two.. and now this sniff! appreciate all the work that has been done by the qwdrama ppl! <3
2009-01-09, 12:57
hopefully xantom will continue doing web stuff, as he hasn't lost motivation for doing webdev afaik
2009-01-09, 14:17
Ye, i'll help out with stuff when I have the time.
2009-01-09, 15:11
My comment at qwdrama went into the "site still working"->"archived at" window, so I'll just make it again:

Thanks a lot for your hard work and so well executed and inspiring projects.
I'll really miss the Frag of the Week.
2009-01-09, 16:25
[11:25:08] <\phil\here\> now that officially there is no more DRAMA in qw
[11:25:13] <\phil\here\> i hope we will have less emo and more pwnage
2009-01-09, 17:26
To bad i cant be on at work Closed (GAMES). qwdrama has been my only place to watch at work. And no more wiki/goldrush on freetime at work (((
2009-01-09, 17:35
Can't you go through a proxy OK? xD
2009-01-09, 18:57
zalon told me how to do.
2009-01-09, 19:01
Xantom was king.
2009-01-09, 20:41
I challenge you in a duel def, we can even play in USA Be
2009-01-10, 00:59
2009-01-10, 01:48
I liked the site and its humour, and the frag of the week. Fair play to all involved for what you did. Pity you have decided to disapear into the night. ggs
2009-01-11, 17:57
It would really be better for QW if two viable sites (or more) could be around rather then everything consolidated in just one. One site means a single point of failure in domains, hosts, database and ... admins. While the last downtime of was not really the greatest example, still: when the site went down there was some place for people to get an update on the situation.
And that was nothing compared to what would happen if the database gets hacked or the admin decides to retire. Everything QW including news, leagues, and history would vanish in a single shot.
This isn't meant as criticism to any of the current admins at all. But when someone wants to try their own hand at new QW site, we should remember to give them all support possible.
2009-01-11, 18:15
the idea with web2.0 is that people should be able to come and go, but the community should survive. And looking at a page like esreality, this seem to work.

Dunno if that is true if zalon died tho.
2009-01-11, 23:30
The website HAS been hacked numerous times and the database wiped. *Groan*

I trust the current admins have daily automatic backups happening. Nod your head and say "YES"
2009-01-12, 01:30
Willgurht, that is not entirely true, ESR went down when they lost their host... BarrysWorld, they did however soon get a new host in freddyshouse (founders of barrysworld). I'm not saying's code ain't fucked, but ESR is a hell of a lot more buggy, if there were no admins around to fix that, the site wouldnt last a month.

Also, not because I won't take responsibility for my wrongs, but I can't be to blame for any of the failures of
When the first hack accured I was away in the military, so blame sassa
And later with the gigahost hacks, it was the host that got hacked, not
The recent insident with the domain, that wasn't really a data problem, more a fuckup, as they decided to remove the dns for the domain 18 days before it ran out. The transfer was already added to my bank for the correct date, fuckers!

Today we host on our own dedicated server, so if somethings goes wrong in the future, don't expect to see me ever again, as I would be to blame

However regarding the issue with QWdrama going away, I also think it's bad for QW, and also in some ways bad for, it's always more fun with some competition.
2009-01-12, 01:32
And, if i die... someone should call Eter
2009-01-12, 05:23
Seen as everyone is afraid of Zalon dying, I suggest we all gather our expenses and buy the guy some helmets, knee-pads an electo-car and a bunker.
2009-01-12, 07:01
and maybe some pölse, so the guy doesn't starve to death!
2009-01-12, 08:21
Well something will always go wrong, as it did in the past. There is no idea to try and create a web page that is impossible to hack and has 100% uptime. The task of the current admins (both tech and content) should be to recruit new members if needed, so when they get tired, the community does not have to be closed down.

A better example is wikipedia, it will likely outlive some of its founders and it's content quality really doesn't suffer due to the lack of Competition. Good competition doesn't require different technical solutions.
2009-01-12, 08:59
Again, I didn't intend my comment as criticism or a no-confidence vote towards Zalon at all. Quite on the contrary, I think he is doing a great job and again being very nice by trying to host as much of qwdrama as possible. I was just pointing out that isn't necessarily a desirable situation on the somewhat longer term. And the solution is as trivial as it is impossible to implement: find another looney that is willing to spend incalculable amounts of time and effort for no other reason then providing a service to others.
The second best option is what soma suggests.
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