Zalon  /  8 Jan 2009, 16:09
QHLAN in pictures
As I'm slowly turning back into my normal self after our trip to QHLAN. I've had time to find some of the pictures we took at the event, I've tried to name them after who's on the picture, however I couldn't quite remember who was who from the SD and PL team.

If anyone else has pictures, please contact either me (zalon) or someone in #qhlan so we can put em online.

Read on to see the picture gallery.
2009-01-08, 16:27
LocKtar showoff

Nice druidz picture tho, they should get that on their website
2009-01-08, 16:47
at 022_SuddenDeath_unknown.jpg its goniec, overdose, ok98, Faustov, blsp. Then u can figure out whos on the other pics
2009-01-08, 16:55
thanks a lot zalon, great stuff! and is grisling seems like he had the same hoodie as locktar.. what are the odds?
2009-01-08, 16:57
btw, someone should be able to give us the names from those suddendeath photos? I can only recognize ok98 there, and votary and overd are supposed to be twins? so it doesn't seem like they are on the picture either.. I feel a bit confused :S
2009-01-08, 17:16
ah, now it all makes sense B)
2009-01-08, 17:27
Oh, THAT was zappater. wondered why he even talked to me
2009-01-08, 17:42
everybody wants to become ruskies friend???
2009-01-08, 17:55
ah yeah, it's grisling
2009-01-08, 18:04
hej! I have plenty of pictures but i need a place to upload them. Zalon or someone, mail me giving me write access to that qhlan folder Cheers from stockholm
2009-01-08, 18:13
did you find any good parteh to go to, mushi? how was your night out in Stockholm? Stories stories...
2009-01-08, 18:24
mushi, i mailed you the info, please name the photo's like i did
2009-01-08, 19:38 <- thats me!
2009-01-08, 21:35
lies molle I refuse to accept that that is you! Be
2009-01-08, 21:59
nice m0lle
2009-01-09, 17:16
Vad e det aktuella prisläget på din tröjja LocKtar?
2009-01-15, 10:44
Mushi, did Hagge go with you this time!??!
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